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Liana Werner-GrayJoin us in the Hy-Vee Club Room for an exciting food-filled hour.  Leading off the show we’ll welcome to Fairfield, Liana Werner-Gray, founder of The Earth Diet.  Liana, along with our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, will help you set the proper parameters so the holiday season is both delicious and healthy.
Emily Rose Shaw
The stellar Indian Hills Culinary Crew featuring Kelli Kuenzler, Savannah Strode, and Jesse Juran will prepare a Thanksgiving feast of spiced cranberry dip, brussels sprouts, basil garlic green beans, and turkey stir fry.

Noah LoinNoah Loin is bringing lots of his rock’n raw chocolates for us to taste.  His cacao-powered business is really rock’n, and I can’t wait to hear about it.

Tom Allen will play us a tune, and share his rather dry wit.  Beverly Merson is back with Cinebites, providing insight into a food film we should put on our “watch” list, and I really hope that is about it!

A really exciting 60 minutes of radio at Hy-Vee this Wednesday.  Come on by.

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Liana Werner-Grey

Maintaining a healthy physiology is an important objective for most people, and a physiology in good shape is a critical element for enjoying all aspects of life.  Unfortunately, a universal system that works for everyone to achieve and maintain "good health" doesn't seem to exist.  Our physiologies, though basically the same, have their own peculiarities.  A diet and lifestyle that work for one person is another person's nightmare.

Liana Werner-Gray, founder of The Earth Diet may have hit on some strategies that make it easier for a good portion of humanity to live a healthy life.  Before developing the myriad of programs that make up The Earth Diet, Liana went through her own battle with poor health, and we'll have the opportunity to hear her story during this week's show.

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The View from Here - Two Very Different Fairfield Memoirs

Tony KainauskasWriters' Voices brings two Fairfield authors to the air this week with their debut books.  First, Tony Kainauskas, the long-time proprietor of Fairfield's sorely missed 21st Century Bookstore, will discuss his memoir "A Time of Innocence: My Personal Memories of Viktoras Kulvinskas and the Transcendenal Meditation Community." Tony's cousin, VikChris Hallingertoras is known as the Father of the Raw Foods Movement, and publishing and distributing Viktoras' first book, "Survival into the 21st Century" helped launch Tony's lifelong career in books. Tony also shares his memories of the early days of the TM movement.

For the second half of the show, essayist Chris Hallinger will join Monica and Caroline in the studio to talk about his hilarious, Dave-Barryish book of essays, entitled "Life on Earth" and to discuss how he and Monica may be related through Hans Herr, the original leader of the settlement of Lancaster County, PA.