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  • Thu
    Jan 24
    9:00 pm -
    10:00 pm
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    Jan 27
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the best year of music of all time

cat stevensthe discussion has gone on long enough: what was the best year of music in the last 50 years? this week (after lots of random votes, and plenty of discussion and arguments with other musicians and djs) i reveal the best musical year of all time. no spoiler here; you'll have to listen to find out.

it was the year that cat stevens [above] released his two best albums, the beatles released 5 albums, van morrison joni mitchellreleased his two best albums, joni mitchell [right], the band, chicago, canned heat, and the grateful dead all released their best music. this year also saw the birth of black sabbath, the under-appreciated crow, and emmit rhodes; and great songs by the temptations and carlos santana.

even after brutally editing the best songs down to 1 hour i can't get thru them all; so this will be part 1 of the best of the best. listen next week for the rest.

go here for my list of an amazing 81 songs i'll share in 1 hour.