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Curt Goudy and Sara ValentineThis week it's the final appearance for Indian Hills Culinary Arts program students Curt Goudy and Sara Valentine, who have been monthly regulars for over a year.  They are getting ready to go on their externships and graduation is lurking after those are completed.   It's a fight to the finish between the two with an "Iron Chef" culinary competition.  We'll pick the judges from our Club Room audience.  

Also, my latest observations on the dining scene after a week on the road-some surprises, and other spots that never miss.

IMPORTANT PROGRAM NOTE:  Starting this Wednesday, February 20, GREAT TASTE broadcasts will be recorded live in Hy-Vee's Club Room Wednesday nights from 7-8 pm CT and aired the following Wednesday during the same time slot (with a rebroadcast on Friday at 7:00 am CT).  This change is so KRUU can provide its listeners with a quality audio production of Great Taste each week.

GREAT TASTE is firing up the burnes in the Hy-Vee Club Room Wednesday.  We'll have terrific food, music, and a special guest chef from Spain, Chef Fátima Pérez Andres.

Chef Fátima Pérez Andres Chef Fátima is the owner of Restaurante Fatima and one of Spain's top mycologists.   Her work with Madrid Fusion, and local mushroom producers and groups including El Congreso Zoria Gastronomica has brought great recognition to the area of Castilla y Leon, where her restaurant is located.

She is currently participating in an educational and cultural exchange program at Indian Hills, working with the students in the Culinary Arts program.  The Director of the program, Chef Gordon Rader, will join her in our studio kitchen along with several students.

During our live broadcast from Hy-Vee, GREAT TASTE has a local/regional focus this week.  Joining us for a discussion about the ongoing evolution of the local food economy are four of our dedicated area producers:  Cary Spray (Nature's Way), Claude Nicholson (Sharon's Produce), Steven McLaskey (MUM Green House), and Barb Grijalva (Back to Basics).  Also, we have a delegation coming from Ottumwa organized by Executive Chef/Department Chair of the Indian Hills Culinary Arts Program, Cheese and Wine PairingsGordon Rader.  Chef Rader has been one of the primary movers behind the effort to establish a year-round indoor market and educational facility in Ottumwa, called Market on Main.

We'll take some time out of our serious round table to talk about and sample local cheeses from Milton Creamery, Reichert's Dairy Air, Maytag,  and more, plus we'll enjoy the cheeses with several different wine selections.  Chef Rader sent along the attached chart to help everyone simplify the wine and cheese pairing process.

We're on the air at 7:00 pm CT.  Join us at Hy-Vee where you can enjoy live radio, a lively discussion, and enliven your taste buds.  Over the stream, you can still be part of the most delicious 60 minutes on radio-

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