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Vegetable LiteracyDeborah Madison is one of my food heroes, and this week's show starts with an interview I did with her about Spring/Summer foods last year.  Good timing.  For all her fans, she's working on a new book, and we'll get the details when she is a guest on Great Taste next month.

In GT's second half, Kathy DuBois is in town for a couple of weeks, and she will reprise her long time co-host role this week, and at our live Green Building Supply show next Tuesday.  We have been cooking almost nonstop together since she got off the plane, and, as always, it's a load of fun not only to hang out in the kitchen, but eat and enjoy the results.

We'll talk some food philosophy, and I have some of my latest travel eats to share, including an inspiring dinner at Moxie Kitchen in Jacksonville, Florida.

Next Tuesday is our monthoy live show at Green Building Supply.  Put it on your calendar.  The fun and eats start at 7:00 pm.  Kathy will cook up a dish yet-to-be-determined, and Chiraj El will make his famous vegan pizza plus a hasselback apple dessert.  Will Love is coming, too, so there is probably another dish in store if you show up to enjoy the show.  We'll have a tasting of Jack's Root Beer from our amazing local company Shaktea Kombucha, and door prizes, too!

During our live broadcast from Hy-Vee, GREAT TASTE has a local/regional focus this week.  Joining us for a discussion about the ongoing evolution of the local food economy are four of our dedicated area producers:  Cary Spray (Nature's Way), Claude Nicholson (Sharon's Produce), Steven McLaskey (MUM Green House), and Barb Grijalva (Back to Basics).  Also, we have a delegation coming from Ottumwa organized by Executive Chef/Department Chair of the Indian Hills Culinary Arts Program, Cheese and Wine PairingsGordon Rader.  Chef Rader has been one of the primary movers behind the effort to establish a year-round indoor market and educational facility in Ottumwa, called Market on Main.

We'll take some time out of our serious round table to talk about and sample local cheeses from Milton Creamery, Reichert's Dairy Air, Maytag,  and more, plus we'll enjoy the cheeses with several different wine selections.  Chef Rader sent along the attached chart to help everyone simplify the wine and cheese pairing process.

We're on the air at 7:00 pm CT.  Join us at Hy-Vee where you can enjoy live radio, a lively discussion, and enliven your taste buds.  Over the stream, you can still be part of the most delicious 60 minutes on radio-http://www.kruufm.com/.

Archives of Great Taste programs are located at-http://www.kruufm.com/station/archives/6080 and recent programs are also available for viewing at the Fairfield Media Center's website-http://fairfieldmediacenter.com/.