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Two Writers Engage a Sensitive Subject

Loves God Likes GirlsIf You Could Be MineThis week on Writers' Voices, Monica and Caroline speak with two writers on a sensitive subject but from perspectives on opposite sides of the world.  Sara Farizan is the author of the young adult novel "If You Could Be Mine" from Algonquin Young Readers.  The American-born daughter of Iranian immigrants, Farizan writes about forbidden love in Iran, where being gay is a crime, but transgender surgery is a state-sanctioned "cure."

Our second guest, Sally Gary, comes to us with an intimate and moving memoir, "Loves God,Likes Girls" from Leafwood Publishers, about growing up gay in a conservative Christian culture.  Gary is a life-long Christian who discusses with great candor the tension between her faith and her sexuality.  A former high school debate coach, trial lawyer and college professor, Gary founded the non-profit ministry, CenterPeace, to bring this issue to light and encourage conversation and reconciliation within families and churches. 

Ryan Thoreson


Ryan Thoreson is the current President of the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus, and an expert in his own right on LGBT civil rights issues. He's a former Rhodes Scholar, has done work in South Africa, is now at Yale Law School.

Jonas Wang was the Co-Chair of Queer Students and Allies while at Harvard. Jonas did a range of things at Harvard, including doing research on LGBTQ asylum and refugee cases.  Jonas also won the prestigious Ames Award, given the the two most outstanding "unsung heroes" of each Harvard graduating class.