Gina Hyams

The holidays are in sight so over the next few shows we're going to ratchet things up to help you prepare.  This week we even have two "live" shows for your listening or, if you are a local, viewing pleasure.

Chili Cook-OffOur first guest is author and editor, Gina Hyams.  Gina came up with a very fun concept-hosting cooking contests at home.  She's packaged the idea, so far, into three "in a box" products-Pie Contest in a Box, Chili Cook-Off in a Box, and her newest release, Christmas Cookie Contest in a Box.  Each kit includes everything you need as the fun party host-judge badges, prize ribbons, scorecards, and more.  We'll cook up some chili and talk with Gina about how to throw a different and exciting holiday party, plus we'll give away one of each of the "in a box" items.  If you bring some chili, a pie or Christmas cookies to share with the audience, you'll get first chance at the prizes.