Mexican food, like many other culturally-rich cuisines, suffers a great injustice in restaurants, grocery stores, and households throughout our country.  Typically, when you wander into the local Los Arcos or Mi Pueblo or a myriad of other spots with the same names, the menu is basically the same.  Instead of General Tso's Chicken, found on every postage-stamp "Chinese" restaurant's menu, you find the "list"-different nachos, taco, enchilada, chimichanga, and assorted other "specialties" available in combinations, or à la carte.  In groceries you can find many varieties of Mexcian cheese.  What that means is the queso fresco is hiding, if it's even on the shelf, but there are lots of those tiny shredded packaged blends that combine cheeses you won't really find in authentic Mexican regional cooking.  Mexican food is mainly understood by the public as "fast food."

We have had numerous shows on raw foods throughout the years, but this one is going to take a little different angle.  Rather than focusing on how to change your entire lifestyle and go raw, or undertaking weeks of cleansing programs, I asked our guests to present easy options for improving our health and eating habits.  The challenge to them was to show us in one hour ways we can enjoy benefits from integrating more raw foods into our diet.   
Isha Kinger
So this week's show is all about fast food, but let's make it raw.  Isha Kinger and Emily Shaw have come up with a few easy principles that we can apply to our daily meal plans.  They'll demonstrate how simple it is to make an ultra delicious and nutritious smoothie,  come up with a main couEmily Shawrse that has all the elements of its Italian roots, but is totally raw, and a dessert to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.   Plus, they'll discuss other easy to make menu ideas, and some of the reasons why a slight change in diet could prove beneficial.

Isha  is a raw food chef and graduate from the Living Lights Culinary Arts Institute in California.  Also, she earned a certificate in Raw Food Nutrition from The Heath Awareness Centre in India.  Emily has a B. A. in Health and Human Physiology from the University of Iowa and is an aspiring gourmet, raw, vegan chef.

Raw food live from Hy-Vee's Club Room/Kitchen Lab this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  We hope to see you there or find you online listening to the stream.