Sorry Folks: Brooke was caught in a German traffic jam and missed her interview today.-- This week's show will feature a live interview with Canadian singer-songwriter Brooke Miller (left), who mixes sultry vocals with solid songs and highly skilled guitar work. Brooke is currently on a tour of Europe and Africa and will talk to us about her world travels, her guitar virtuoso husband Don Ross and her brand new album: Familiar, which was recorded in a state of the art studio, inside a 1,000 yr old German monastary! Brooke is an accomplished artist that mixes elements of Bruce Cockburn, Michael Hedges and Joni Mitchell to create a unique and delicious sound all her own..... You'll also hear great songs from other Canadian artists such as Robbie Robertson, Madison Violet, Neil Young, Kathleen Edwards, Joni Mitchell, Cam Penner, Lynn Miles, Bruce Cockburn, Rufus Wainwright, Sarah Harmer and more!