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This episode of Great Taste is dedicated to Jerry Deprey.  Thanks for hanging out with us.  We're going to miss you.

Gisella Isidori and Kelli KuenzlerThe amazing Gisella Isidori returned to the Club Room last week.  As always, she brought with her the collective knowledge of Italian culture and cuisine, pouring it out during every encounter in a never-ending flow in exchanges always full of surprises. And she did surprise me several times. 

Gisella/Kelli/SavannahDuring the show Gisella was assisted by Indian Hills Culinary Arts students Savannah Strode and Kellie Kuenzler.  She had nothing but praise for their perfect rendering of her recipes into food reality-Halloween panini, pumpkin soup, grape mostarda, roasted chestnuts, and pollo schiachiatta.

(A few recipes are at the end of the post.) 

Also, Emily Rose Shaw, our health coach, gave us an inside look at the Blue Zone initiative, and Tom Allen provided the musical entertainment.

LIVE Show-Hy-Vee Club Room-7:00 pm, Wednesday, October 16

The live show will feel a bGisella on Great Tasteit empty this week and in succeeding weeks because of the passing Sunday of Jerry Deprey.  Every week, with rare exceptions, Jerry was in the front row, usually with his son Jason.  He always met me with a smile and handshake before the show, and expressed how much he enjoyed the experience (and food) after each program concluded.  Thank you, Jerry, for hanging out with us.  I hope your Red Sox make it to the World Series. 

The amazing Gisella Isidori returns to the Club Room this week.  As always, she brings with her the collective knowledge of Italian culture and cuisine, pouring it out during every encounter in a never-ending flow in exchanges always full of surprises. 

I write this blog post pleasantly full after making a dish tonight-riso sconcho (dialect)- she recalled from her childhood  in Valtellina, about as far north as you can go in the Lombardia region of Italy before crossing into Switzerland. 

"My grandmother used to make this.  Maybe it's been 20 years or more since I've thought about it," mused Gisella.

Gisella Isidori on GREAT TASTE Live at HY-VEE


Indian Hills Culinary students-Kelli Kuenzler, Savanna Strode, and Cody Remington-are going all out to teach us some really fun stuff.  Grilled wild coho salmon is part of the menu with their own tartar sauce.  Also, corn tortillas, tortilla chips, and salsa.  Fun stuff.  Join us in the Club Room at Hy-Vee if you have a chance.  The action starts at 7:00 pm.  Our health coach Emily Rose Shaw, musician Tom Allen, and Cinebites Beverly Merson are all part of the show, too.

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Gisella Isidori

Gisella Isidori with Indian Hills studentsThe amazing Gisella Isidori is our special guest on a bonus GREAT TASTE show live from Hy-Vee on Thursday evening.  Fresh from surviving Hurricane Sandy, Gisella blew into Fairfield last weekend and proceeded to capture the hearts of local food lovers and Italophiles.  On Sunday, she taught a hands-on class at the At Home Store with 20 people.  In a little over two hours they made 12 different dishes including polenta, sauces, and dessert.  On Monday, a group of middle school students at MSAE learned how to make pasta and two sauces with her.  Tuesday at Indian Hills she interacted with 30 culinary students, and they turned out an array of 12 plates featuring classic Italian dishes such as risotto Milanese.

The holidays are in sight so over the next few shows we're going to ratchet things up to help you prepare.  This week we even have two "live" shows for your listening or, if you are a local, viewing pleasure.

Chili Cook-OffOur first guest is author and editor, Gina Hyams.  Gina came up with a very fun concept-hosting cooking contests at home.  She's packaged the idea, so far, into three "in a box" products-Pie Contest in a Box, Chili Cook-Off in a Box, and her newest release, Christmas Cookie Contest in a Box.  Each kit includes everything you need as the fun party host-judge badges, prize ribbons, scorecards, and more.  We'll cook up some chili and talk with Gina about how to throw a different and exciting holiday party, plus we'll give away one of each of the "in a box" items.  If you bring some chili, a pie or Christmas cookies to share with the audience, you'll get first chance at the prizes.

Gisella IsidoriMake Fairfield's Hy-Vee your destination Wednesday at 7 pm as KRUU's Great Taste broadcasts live from the Club Room/Food Laboratory.  Our special guest is Gisella Isidori, well-known Italian Food and Travel consultant, and general whirlwind. 

Join Gisella for the show where she'll discuss different Italian regional food traditions, current food trends in Italy, and share some of her favorite recipes.  She'll make several dishes including a Sicilian orange salad, the classic pasta dish spaghetti cacao e pepe, and more.  After the show stick around for another hour of cooking and a question and answer session.

Don't miss this great chance to learn how to prepare authentic Italian specialties. If you can't join us, tune into the stream at  Ciao.