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    Jan 21
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    Jan 24
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get out and caucus

anitime to get psyched up to get out and vote. this week, all political music: muse, dylan, lennon, rundgren, cash, neil, and ani [pictured].

Lysistrata, open up the bedroom door
What is the matter, ain't you in love with me no more?
I enlisted in the army today,
One more time before I march away
Make me feel like a big strong man
You say you don't care about my pride,
You love me too much just to let me die,
And you won't let me come inside
Unless I don't go to war no more.

  • Sun
    Sep 28
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coffeetime at chill cafe


one hour of music about the world's number 1 inspiration (sorry sex, love, and dog lovers; you were wrong): coffee.

coffee praises run the gamut from blues (mississippi john hurt), psychedelic (cream), swing (sinatra, ella fitzgerald), pop (squeeze), country (freedie johnson), soul (otis redding), and crazy creative (blurtodd rundgrenyung joc, and steve mclain & the jefferson county green band)...

here's what you'll be hearing sunday morning at 8:00 am CT, and here's where you can listen anytime.


Bob Dylan


Featuring him on it all month, that's what! 

Kind of tough to due justice to his work in just one short show, so we're going to declare October Bob Dylan month here at the Wildflowers Cafe.  


See you there.

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    Jun 03
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1968 covered (2 for the free price of 1)

one way you can judge the creative explosion of the music that was released in 1968 is by the number of other artists who cover, copied, or copped their songs. this week i feature songs that were released in 1968 that were quickly covered by someone else later in the year.

ramoneseveryone has heard jimi hendrix's "all along the watchtower," but not as many people know dylan's original folksie version released earlier in the year. hugh masekala's "grazing in the grass" was a 1968 jazz instrumental until the friends of distinction added lyrics and sang their version later in the year.

after hearing louis armstrong's delightfully sweet "wonderful world," years later the ramones tapped into its subconscious angst with their version.

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