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Frank, Carl & Peter: Three Kiteboarding Amigos I saw a write up in the Fairfield Ledger highlighting Frank Wintroub, Carl Stone and Peter Huggins and their passion for kiteboarding in Iowa. They are going to be featured this Sunday at 9pm on an Iowa Public Television program called Iowa Outdoors. (Rebro May 13 at 5:30pm). I asked them to come to the KRUU studios to talk about it and they did. A lively discussion ensued. You can hear it at 3:25pm. Want to learn more about the sport? Email

At 3pm on PLANET ERSTWILD, I talk with Fairfield sustainability coordinator Scott Timm, Kent Newman, executive director of the Center on Sustainable Communities, and building consultant/educator Bill McAnally, who will be offering a free energy efficiency seminar this weekend at the Public Library. It is part of the continuing Alliant Hometown Rewards program, which is co-sponsored by KRUU-FM.

At 4pm, enjoy our regular segment: "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile, checking in from Oakland, California. Another great show planned today looking at military, economic, national and international topics that are making waves this week. Click on "Read more" below for all the articles referenced.