Dowd Family Enjoying CadoFood brings families together. Preparing good food together also brings one Iowa family business successes. In 2014, Shaktea Kombucha owners Deb, Jack & Meghan Dowd--a mom, son & daughter trio--won a $250,000 Mission Main Street grant from J.P. Chase & Company. Since then they've expanded that businesses and launched, Cado, a frozen avocado dessert company. For a glimpse into this creative trio's approach to forging family bussiness successes together, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Jack and Meghan Dowd.

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Kombucha-Starting 2012 Off with a Healthy Alternative to Soda?

This week Fairfield’s own Shaktea Kombucha, run by the Dowd family, was awarded a $250,000 grant as part of Chase and Google’s Mission Main Street grant program. Though this interview is from a couple of years ago, it’s the appropriate show to run on Great Taste along with our congratulations to the Dowds and best wishes for their upcoming expansion.

"Kombucha flavored soda alternatives pose threat to Coca-Cola and Pepsi."  Well, I think this story is only in an early phase of development, but if you sometimes have a craving for a bubbly beverage that goes well with popcorn, look no further than Shaktea Kombucha.  For the most part, I have my soda (or pop depending on where you grew up) attachment licked, but I have to admit that last year I went on a Mexican Coke binge for several weeks.  A number of pounds later (that exact number will remain confidential), and well-caffeinated, I broke off the relationship. Now, with Shaktea in my life I have no need to rekindle it.

Shaktea Kombucha

It might even be good for you?  That's way crazy.  All I know is kombucha is a fermented tea with roots in Russia, China, and Japan.  The local product is a delicious drink that comes in five flavors, has USDA Organic Certification, and contains naturally occurring pro-biotic enzymes.  The rest of the story we'll leave to the Dowd family, local brewers, who have refined their process over a 10-year period.  Deb (Mom), Jack and Meghan (brother and sister) will share the story of how their micro Kombucha brewery began and has evolved.