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Cooking for Gracie (cover)Enthusiastic and adventurous cook and eater, Keith Dixon, had to make some changes in his kitchen habits after the birth of daughter, Gracie.  Keith's culinary and parenting odyssey is chronicled in Cooking for Gracie:  The Making of a Parent from Scratch.  There are plenty of trying and triumphant moments in this memoir of the evolution of a couple from when Gracie makes her first appearance five weeks premature to the end of her first year, plus scattered throughout Keith shares recipes, including the one found at the end of this blog post. We'll talk with Keith, a New York Times writer and novelist, about some of the memories that he chronicles in the book.  Also, we'll find out how life (and cooking) have changed since the addition of another child.

Molly Aronica, Restaurant Editor for The Daily Meal joins us in the second half of the show.  Molly and the staff of the popular internet site have their pulse on the food world.  I'm very excited to announce that she has agreed to do a regular monthly stint on Great Taste, and bring our listeners the top culinary news and trends from around the globe.  Check out the following links for some of the stories we're going to feature on the show:

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Bhutan and Italy on the next Great Taste!

Bhutan's National DishCordyceps, red rice, suga tea, and ema datshi are all part of our discussion with the Chief Engineer for the School Planning and Building Division of the Ministry of Education in Bhutan, Karma Sonam. 

Karma is in Fairfield researching and working on a cooperative project with staff at Maharishi University of Management to build a sustainable school building in a remote Bhutanese mountain village.  With his help, we'll take a peek into the food culture of Bhutan, and enjoy the country's national dish, ema datshi, made with hot chills and cheese.

Heli (right) and classmatesWarning:  Eat before you tune in!

It is with the utmost concern that I begin this blog post with the above admonition.  Over the years, I have issued this same counsel many times, and always with a valid reason.  After all, every Great Taste listener is important to me. 

For over four months in San Francisco, our own Heli Claire Witherspoon has been learning the ancient art of turning flour into delicacies that captivate the eyes and taste bCakesuds.  We'll explore with Heli and her friend, Alden Hockett, the rigors of the baker's craft, what critical pieces of information they've picked up, and get some tips on baking at home.

In the second half of the show, Molly Aronica reports in from New York where she is the restaurant editor for the popular blog, The Molly AronicaDaily Meal.  I'm determined to find out during our discussion what it takes to put together a comprehensive blog post on a daily basis.  Also, Molly was kind enough to put together a list of her favorite casual New York dining spots recently for some friends of mine.  She'll share those recommendations, in case you're planning a trip to the Big Apple.

As always, food in the studio for those lucky folks who stop by.  Streamers, you can listen here to the most delicious 60 minutes on the radio.

American Meat DVD coverGREAT TASTE's 60 minutes of delicious radio is action-packed this week.  In the first half-hour, Graham Meriwether, producer, cinematographer, and director of the documentary, American Meat, joins us in the studio along with Jan Swinton, Local Food Coordinator for Hometown Harvest of SE Iowa.  We'll discuss the positive changes in our animal husbandry system as seen through the farmer's depicted in the movie, and the evolving local landscape. 

Also, Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms, will join us by phone.  Nick and his family have been raising animals sustainably for decades.  Since 2004 he has run the operation, which includes working with other like-minded producers to supply organic meats through a "Farm Club" delivery system.

Nick Wallace/Wallace Farms

Molly AronicaThe Daily Meal's Molly Aronica joins us in the second part of the show.  This week on that site she posted 101 Best Restaurants in America for 2012.  We'll get an inside look on how that list was compiled, plus learn what it takes to put together a daily blog on "all things food & drink."

And, our resident chef, Liz Peralta, will join us.  I really don't know what plans she has for our "live" food segment this week.  She's keeping that information to herself.  I'm ok with that; she's the studio kitchen boss. [To continue, click on "Read more' below.]

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GREAT TASTE Winds Up 2011 with Food, Fun, and Great Info!

Danielle NierenbergThe last Great Taste show of the year provides a look back at 2011 from two very different perspectives.  First, we'll speak with Danielle Nierenberg, director of the Nourishing the Planet project.  Nierenberg is a well-known expert on sustainability and livestock.  The project she oversees, "...assesses the state of agricultural innovations—from cropping methods to irrigation technology to agricultural policy—with an emphasis on sustainability, diversity, and ecosystem health, as well as productivity. The project aims to both inform global efforts to eradicate hunger and raise the profile of these efforts. The project also considers the institutional infrastructure needed by each of the approaches analyzed, suggesting what sort of companion investments are likely to determine success—from local seed banks to processing facilities, from pro-poor value chains to marketing bureaus."

The second half of the hour, our guest is Molly Aronica, restaurant editor for The Daily Meal, one of the best food blogs on the net.  Molly will talk with us about the food trends of 2011, predictions for the 2012 trends, share some insights on important kitchen tools to make your holiday meal preparations easier, and much more.