johnny cash

aimee mannthis week on deep tracks:

acoustic gems, unplugged guitars and pianos, with delicious fall voices, featuring:

brand new music from aimee mann (right) and iowa city's elizabeth moen, a non-cash-like classic sung by johnny cash, tragic genius nick drake, traditional folk music by nina simone, an original yet classic drinking/sailing song by gordon lightfoot, a fascinating trivial tale by the roches (be sure to see them in fairfield sunday night!), plaintive hope by leonard cohen, blur, and aztec camera.

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    Dec 08
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    9:00 pm
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    Dec 11
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    9:00 am

1968 part 3

mary hopkinThe remarkable musical year 1968 saw the first release from Todd Rundgren's group Nazz, and Welsh singer Mary Hopkin [left], who followed the success of the first record released on the Beatles' Apple Records--"Those Were the Days"--with versions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, and German (that's the version I play on this show).

It was also the year a number of artists released stunning second albums: Cream, Janis Joplin, and Sly & the Family Stone. And even though albums fully came into their own, singles were still going strong, with the likes of The Doors, Johnny Taylor, and Johnny Cash.

Also on this week's show is a remarkable outtake from The Beatles' White Album, written by John Lennon in India, called "Child of Nature." It'll sound familiar because the lyrics were re-written a few years later and released as an altogether different song, but this one has an innocence that wasn't there in the later version.

Here's what you'll hear.