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1968 - The best pop, and the best underground (indie and edgy)

1968 was a schizophrenic year, featuring at once, the best and catchiest pop music (which is still being imitated wildly today), heard on AM radio, such as The Hollies [left], Mary holliesHopkin, The Turtles, The Mamas and Papas, and The Rascals,grace slick


. . . 

in the same year, the most experimental, edgy, and creative music (which smashed lots of musical boundaries forever), on FM radio, featuring an extended jam by Canned Heat, a forgotten hit by Frank Zappa, a psychological and psychedelic profile by Jefferson Airplane [right], and a song by the female singer who has influenced many, many, many of the young female singers today, namely Janis Joplin.

The songs.

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Golden Gate '68

The so-called San Francisco Sound was an eclectic mash of disparate groups, themes, and voices from the bay area, and 1968 was its loudest and most creative year, helping to define the vibe and attitude of a world looking for coherence.

Well-known SF acts were Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, and Janis Joplin. Less well-known but also influential were Moby Grape, loading zoneUltimate Spinach, and  Chocolate Watch Band (ya gotta love the bay area food-based names, dontcha?!).

And no one should forget Paul Fauerso's influential band The Loading Zone. Yes, that's Paul on the left, with his influential laughing scream, which must be only too familiar to Fairfield audiences.

Some of this early music is raw and rawly produced, but I will finish this week's show with Quicksilver Messenger Service's brilliant, virtuosic, and still stunning instrumental performance "Gold and Silver."

The Playlist.