Jeanette Hopkins

Write with a poet who studied with Gary Snyder.

Plan your blog-to-book strategy with the NYT best-selling author who bakes pies in the American Gothic house.

Let the kids in  your life waltz, sing, juggle, and learn how books are made from an award-winning author/teacher/story-time leader.

Begin or continue writing a book or work on an art project (quietly) at Fairfield's most beautiful tea shop

The JugglerCheryl Fusco Johnson speaks with three Iowan children's books creators on this week's Writers' Voices.

First up conversations with the writer and illustrator of "The Juggler"(published by Ice Cube Press). "The Juggler" follows the wiry and tan young farmer, who desperately wants to be a great juggler. Through rhythm, rhymes, and vibrant colors, the book follows the young farmer's quest. Children's author and educator, Jeanette Hopkins provided the words, with artist Stormy Mochal providing the illustrations. Mochal also co-owns Outside the Lines Art Gallery in Dubuque.

pumpkin pieThe final conversation is with educator Wendy Cavanaugh. Wendy wrote, illustrated, designed, and self-published the picture book, "Pumpkin in the Sky", to teach people that baking pumpkin pies is a fun, easy activity that children and adults can share. While participating in Princeton University’s Teacher Education Program, she created a French café with fifth and sixth graders and helped them make crepes and éclairs. "Pumpkin in the Sky" contains a pumpkin pie recipe and colorful step-by-step illustrations that encourage young and old chefs to ignore unnecessary taboos about pie baking and to revel in the process and product of their work.  Yum!