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    Feb 16
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    Feb 19
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    9:00 am

1968 - The Kinks and Lothar

Many artists got serious with their music in 1968, marking the early years of progressive rock, classical rock, and ponderous instrumental jams. This week's show has none of that.

This week I start my show off with side one of The Kinks' best album, "Village Green Preservation Society." These are catchy tunes, with a satirical kinksvoice that never takes itself seriously. It is composer/singer Ray Davies' [in red] masterpiece, and considered one of the top 250 albums of all time. "People take pictures of each other just to prove that they love one another, and to prove that they really existed...."

My other featured album from 1968 is Lothar and the Hand People, one of the first bands to integrate the sounds of the synthesizer with strong vocals and unique compositions...and again, a great sense of humor--something all rock musicians should have. You'll love "Sex and violence" and their ode to laughter, "Ha ho."


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The music of 1968Lothar will take some time to review, and it's a challenge for me to find a different way to present it each week. This week, I go A to Z: Association to Zappa. Why? Because it's fun. And because...it works!

You'll hear the range of 1968 sounds from psychedelic Cream, classic R & B (Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Johnny Taylor), avante garde humor (The Kinks), great song-writing (Laura Nyro, Procol Harum, Dylan), and all of the above, with one of the most interesting and overlooked bands from the year: Lothar & the Hand People, left. This was a group that recognized and explored the potential of the synthesizer, and over the edge creativity, along with super catchy melodies.

The full playlist is here.