moody blues

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    Jan 10
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    9:00 pm
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    Jan 13
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the 3rd all-time best year of music!

in my countdown of the best years of music of all time, here's how the top ten looks so far:

10. 1968 moody blues

9. 1992

8. 2010

7. 1983

6. 1965

5. 1972

4. 1971

which means this week i'll present the musical reasons for what must be considered the 3rd best year of all time. admittedly, it got a lot of votes for #1, but all things considered, if you listen for the next 3 weeks, i think you'll agree with my final top 3 years of music.

without spoiling the fun by mentioning the year, let me just say this the 3rd best year featured 2 albums released by jimi hendrix, 2 by the beatles, the moody blues' [above] best album, the beach boys' best, the birth of cream, the doors, and psychedelia, the height of soul music, and the year of albums instead of singles--but there were plenty of great singles too.

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    Oct 06
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    Oct 09
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george and the search for the lost chord

In 1968 the george harrisonBeatles were still masters of the musical universe, but George Harrison was coming into his own and left us a few discarded gems. The first half of this week's show features demos and outtakes of songs written by him in 1968. Some were given away; some were re-done; and some were never released. All add to George's legacy, and have lasting freshness and depth. Vedanta and the Tao Te Ching's greatest hits.

The second half of this week's show features the best tracks from another spiritual  classic from 1968: The Moody Blues' "In search of the lost chord." Be prepared to be transported, or otherwise sent beyond time and/or space. If you are driving, please pull over to the nearest rest stop.

Here's the entire playlist.