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Pop Deconstructed On The After Hours

On this Saturday night's edition of The After Hours we'll be listening to some popular songs like you've never heard them before. I'll be featuring NYC-based pianist Scott Bradlee's series Mashups By Candle Light.

"For the past several years, I've used the last hour of my weekly performances at Robert Restaurant to offer some commentary on popular culture through the use of musical juxtaposition- or "mashups"- of various recognizable themes. My aim is to create a setting where genre and taste distinctions no longer exist, and all songs - both highbrow and populist - are at long last freed from their cultural coded baggage. It is a time for reflection. It is a time for appreciation. It is a time to play ridiculous mashups and still make tips doing so." -Scott Bradlee

We'll also hear from Omaha Diner (bottom-right), an experimental jazz quartet composed of Charlie Hunter (guitar), Steven Bernstein (trumpet), Bobby Previte (drums) and Skerik (saxaphone). Together they deconstruct and reimagine various songs which at some point have reached #1 on the Top 40 pop chart. 

On top of that we've got a whole lot more great experimental jazz covers of popular songs courtesy of Rebirth Brass BandKarl Denson's Tiny Universe, Hot 8 Brass Band, Black Chamber, Jack Brass Band, The New Mastersounds and Broken Brass Ensemble. Stream it live March 15th, 10pm-12am CDT right here on KRUU radio.

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Final week of our Bob Dylan Fest...

Judy Sings Dylan



The final week of our month-long tribute to Bob Dylan will feature some of the great artists who have paid tribute to him

by recording his songs.  It's tough to imagine a more recorded artist, so we won't even try. Only at the Wildflowers Cafe

See you there.

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1968 covered (2 for the free price of 1)

one way you can judge the creative explosion of the music that was released in 1968 is by the number of other artists who cover, copied, or copped their songs. this week i feature songs that were released in 1968 that were quickly covered by someone else later in the year.

ramoneseveryone has heard jimi hendrix's "all along the watchtower," but not as many people know dylan's original folksie version released earlier in the year. hugh masekala's "grazing in the grass" was a 1968 jazz instrumental until the friends of distinction added lyrics and sang their version later in the year.

after hearing louis armstrong's delightfully sweet "wonderful world," years later the ramones tapped into its subconscious angst with their version.

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Lobelia Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 8/9!

LobeliaBorn in West Virginia, a long-time resident of Canada and currently living in the UK, singer-songwriter Lobelia is no stranger to making her way in new lands.  She applies that adventurous spirit as a musical pioneer, forging a new path for independent artists everywhere by her own life example.  Join us on Lyrical Venus as she talks about touring sustainably, booking gigs and being genuinely interesting on Twitter, motherhood as a musician and the importance of using all your talents to live a happy life, rather than trying to fit into a traditional idea of what being a musician looks like. 

Lobelia's latest project, a covers album titled "Beautifully Undone", is sparse and lovely, her rich voice wrapping like warm honey around each song and claiming them for her own.