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This Wednesday I welcome back to the show Matthew Kenney.  I have great admiration for Matthew.  In the 90's he was in the top tier of chefs as a chef/owner of Matthew's and other restaurants in New York City.  But, much to the dismay, confusion, and derision of many of his colleagues he changed course in the new century to become an untiring champion of the plant-based, raw food lifestyle.  He has applied his extensive classical training, modernist techniques, and experience to elevate raw food cuisine to a level that wows people at his restaurants, his culinary academy, and through numerous books.  Despite numerous overwhelming personal and business challenges, his commitment to educating the public about the benefits of a plant-based diet and lifestyle is unwavering.  

Everyday Raw ExpressIt's been a couple of months since I started incorporating more raw foods into my diet as a result of our vegan/raw challenge on Great Taste. I'm definitely not on the "this is amazing and you have to do it" bandwagon for raw foods, but I have noticed significant and positive ongoing beneifits from the adjustments I made. 

Breakfast turned out to be the focal point for me.  My routine went from eggs, toast, cheese, and other standard American fare to fruit smoothies or whole fruits and manna bread.  That switch has meant less cravings, elimination of snacking before lunch and more mental clarity.  Because of those results and a determination to eat lighter and add a raw element at lunch and dinner I've also lost some excess body baggage.

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Red Beet RavioliIt's been a very interesting two weeks for me as I started the Challenge a little earlier than our Great Taste listeners.  Those of you who tuned in for the introductory show a couple of weeks back know how skeptical I was.  Several times I said there was no way I could stand drinking my breakfast (smoothies) every morning.  I needed something substantial that I could chew.  OK, I don't.  What a revelation.  I love the smoothies.  They make me feel alert.  My need to snack has been tamed.  I can happily say I was wrong.  Now, does that mean I've been converted to vegan/raw foods?  No, but I do plan to continue integrating a lot more raw food into my daily diet.   For my physiology, it seems to work.  That's all I can really say plus I like the clean flavors (and I've lost some weight). 

I would be very interested to hear from all our Vegan/Raw Challenge participants.  What did you do, learn, experience?  Let us know by sending an email to: