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Making a Movie with Caterina Titus

Caty TitusFor most writers, going from concept to finished product is a mostly solitary pursuit, and getting across the finish line is largely dependent on your own efforts.  With the sefl-publishing technology available today, you don't necessarily need anyone else in order to publish your work. But for a screenwriter, getting the script finished is only half the battle - if that.  What does it take to get a movie made?

Join Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices this week as they talk to Caterina Titus, of to learn more about the screenwriter's journey.  Caty is the co-writer of “Pyaar” - a social political feature film (with Stuart Tanner,) and romantic dramedy "Between Worlds" (with actor/director Ruben Pla.) Her goal is to create films that address the issues of globalization. For the last five years she has been developing a valuable network of contacts in the film industry as she focuses on getting her movies made.

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John Rainey on Script Writing

John Rainey Script writing is the topic for this week's Writers' Voices with guest John Rainey. John started out as a professional actor, but worked his way into becoming one of the industry's most sought after script consultants. Voted #1 script analyst in the country by Creative Screenwriting, John has professionally analyzed and consulted on thousands of scripts. He has worked as script consultant on such films as Invincible, Vacancy, Holes, and many more. He has several screenplays of his own currently in pre-production. John currently lives in Redondo Beach, CA.

Don't miss this insightful look into what it takes to create a successful screenplay!