Dr. Suhas Kshiragar

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    Jun 01
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
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    Jun 03
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    8:00 am

Why Choose a Vegetarian Diet?

Mixed garden veggies and riceIt's almost impossible to pass by any location that features magazines without being bombarded by stories about the latest and greatest dietary triumphs.  From "Seaweed-eating Grandmother loses 175 pounds-Gives Birth to Triplets at 65," to "You can Stay Slim, Smart, and Supple eating 5000 calories/Day," we are obsessed with different types of consumptive behaviors.  With all the attention on food and diet it's even possible to conclude that the information available is easily understood and consumers can make intelligent choices without any problems.  Unfortunately, that doesn't play out in reality since the United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the world among industrialized nations and close to 25% of children and teenagers in this country are either overweight or obese.