Balinese Edition

  • Sat
    May 21
    12:00 pm -
    1:00 pm

Eclectic Audiophile

Hey there all the friends of the world!ea x am

I send you my love all the way from Kuta, Bali

It took me some time to get this show together cause it has been a little hard to find a reliable internet connection! But I think i've got it together!

I got some inspiration after talking to my Daddio and put together an amazing show!

Can't wait for you to hear it all.

It's been quite the adventure... 
I left my luggage in a locker at the airport in Adelaide, Australia. When i went back and unlocked it, all my luggage was missing! I ran into the check-in for my flight and they told me that it was closed!

Luckily a girl remembered me from last time and she reopened the flight and she asked where my luggage was... i told her it was stolen and i needed to be on the flight...