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Wendy Delsol discusses "Stork" w/ Cheryl Fusco Johnson

Wendy DelsolOn this week's Writers' Voices, Cheryl Fusco Johnson talks with author Wendy Delsol.

Wendy started writing novels at age forty. After studying at UCLA Writers' Extension Program and at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, Stork she sold a young adult novel, "Stork", to Candlewick Press. That book was released last October. "Stork" tells the story of Kat Leblanc, a fashion conscious 16-year-old who moves from L.A. to a small town in Minnesota. In her new surroundings, she becomes a member of an ancient order of bird women who have the extraordinary task of soul delivery.

The sequel to "Stork", "Frost", will be published in 2012. Wendy's also sold an adult novel, "The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls", which is slated for publication August 2011.

Make sure to tune into this delightful interview!