the world needs more pie

Ready for some delicious pie? You're in luck! For one-day-only, author Beth Howard is reprising her famous Pitchfork Pie Stand--this time with a popup at Sip Coffeeshop in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on Saturday, August 27th from noon to 4PM. Beth previously baked and sold pies in the historic American Gothic House made famous by artist Grant Wood. To celebrate Beth's return from her World Piece Pie Tour, we're sharing an interview first aired on The Studio in 2015 to celebrate her cookbook, Ms. American Pie: Buttery Good Pie Recipes and Bold Tales from the American Gothic House. Welcome back, Beth!

Author & Pie Baker Beth HowardDe-stress holiday baking! Ignore rules & focus on what's in front of you. So says Beth Howard, the author and adventure traveler who taught pie baking classes and ran the Pitch Fork Pie Stand inside the Eldon, Iowa farmhouse made famous by artist Grant Wood. Beth's iconoclastic pie-deology enlivens her book, MS. AMERICAN PIE: BUTTERY GOOD PIE RECIPES AND BOLD TALES FROM THE AMERICAN GOTHIC HOUSE.

eth made pies for Steven Speilberg (coconut cream), Dick Van Dyke (strawberry rhubarb), and Barbara Streisand (lemon meringue). She gave pie away and taught pie baking classes in the grieving community of Newtown, Connecticut. Although Beth's closed the pie stand and moved out of the Gothic House, she still believes in the healing power of pie. You will, too, if you read her books or listen to this rebroadcast episode.

Beth HowardAmerican Gothic Pie LadyThank you, Beth, for dropping by solar-powered KRUU-FM in Fairfield this week for your "Weekend Edition" taping with host Liane Hanson that airs Sunday.

But even more so for one of the most sumptuous pieces of apple pie I've ever tasted (not to mention the fruitful conversation).

That it was made in the American Gothic house by an Ottumwa native only adds to the heartland sweetness.

All I can say is if you give Beth Howard a chance, every day is National Pie Day! Have fun in Chicago today where 800 slices of pie will be given away to celebrate National Pie Day. Lord knows, the world needs more pie!!