Ready for some delicious pie? You're in luck! For one-day-only, author Beth Howard is reprising her famous Pitchfork Pie Stand--this time with a popup at Sip Coffeeshop in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa on Saturday, August 27th from noon to 4PM. Beth previously baked and sold pies in the historic American Gothic House made famous by artist Grant Wood. To celebrate Beth's return from her World Piece Pie Tour, we're sharing an interview first aired on The Studio in 2015 to celebrate her cookbook, Ms. American Pie: Buttery Good Pie Recipes and Bold Tales from the American Gothic House. Welcome back, Beth!

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    Jan 05
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Food-Best of 2010 in Cookbooks

Strawberry Crepe The Art of Mexican CookingIt's hard to imagine what could top wandering New York's finest culinary bookstore where over 13,000 titles make stomachs gurgle and mouths water daily.  We're doing the next best thing which is talking with Matt Sartwell, manager of Kitchen Arts and Letters in Manhattan.  For more than 25 years the store has been a destination for chefs, authors, "foodies," and anyone interested in finding the right food book.  Its owner, Nock Wacksman, even has a strong Iowa connection.  He and his wife have been food judges at the Iowa State Fair for seven years.  Matt, who was an editor at Penguin Books before becoming a fixture at the store, will help us explore the best cookbooks of 2010, some current trends among publishers and the purchasing public plus discuss what books speak most clearly to different culinary interests.