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1968 - The best pop, and the best underground (indie and edgy)

1968 was a schizophrenic year, featuring at once, the best and catchiest pop music (which is still being imitated wildly today), heard on AM radio, such as The Hollies [left], Mary holliesHopkin, The Turtles, The Mamas and Papas, and The Rascals,grace slick


. . . 

in the same year, the most experimental, edgy, and creative music (which smashed lots of musical boundaries forever), on FM radio, featuring an extended jam by Canned Heat, a forgotten hit by Frank Zappa, a psychological and psychedelic profile by Jefferson Airplane [right], and a song by the female singer who has influenced many, many, many of the young female singers today, namely Janis Joplin.

The songs.

A group of little birdees perch on the ledge seeing the infinite abyss before them.  Up ahead, they notice those who jumped some time ago and have arisen in the flows of the ether.  Together they hold hands and close their eyes to take a big step off and into the vastness of eternity.

This one's dedicated to the wild fun-loving bunch at CIC 69!  May our wings grow strong and beautiful :-)

You will hear pumping electronic dance music, fit for the warehouses and festivals of the world.  Bring your comfy shoes.