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Wine, Pizza and Latkes? Where else but on GREAT TASTE!

Steve Siegel making pizzaThe studio is going to be hopping on the next edition of GREAT TASTE.  We'll celebrate the first night of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah by cooking latkes.  Latkes are one of my favorite foods.  Actually, I've never met a potato in any form that didn't look like it was begging for me to taste it.  But, there are latkes and there are latkes.  Those folks who think they can be baked and still bring honor to the name are dead wrong.  We'll be frying them up.  Stop by if you are around the studio or make them at home along with us.  Here's what you need to have prepared ahead of time-grated potatoes, minced shallot or onion, peanut oil or extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and a frying pan.  We'll put everything together.  Click the link for an excellent article to read that gives you the real info on making the best potato latkes.