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DualityDuality: Very Happy Guests

First of all... You know her as Lyrical Venus, but Heather Miller-Rodriguez, this woman who faithfully brings all this glorious and delicious music to you every week is also quite a songstress herself.

Heather hosts house concerts and travels the country honing her craft. She participates with me in songwriting contests and her style is exquisite and heart-pulling. You can sample and download some right here

And just who am I? I am Denise Hudson, of Duality. I have been on the show before, and have been asked with my duo partner Joe "Covenant" Lamb to sub for Heather while she is off being a pirate on vacation. We have a lot of fun in store for you!

Read more about the all the artists featured on the 11/30 show on, and tune in from 9-10am Central US to hear them!