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On Happiness with Frederic Lenoir

HappinessToday on Writers' Voices we delve into two of my favorite subjects- happiness and philosophy, with a delightful author who has spent a lot of time thinking about both.  FRÉDÉRIC LENOIR is a philosopher, sociologist, and religious historian, and the author of numerous essays, books, and novels, including historical thrillers such as "Oracle of the Moon" and the transformative fable "The Soul of the World." He is a professor at L’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, one of France’s elite universities, and is the editor of the bimonthly Le Monde des religions. Lenoir is host and producer of a weekly program about religion and philosophy on France Culture radio. Frederic Lenoir

"Happiness: A Philosopher's Guide" was a bestseller in Europe and has now been translated into English. In this book, Lenoir examines how history’s greatest philosophers and religious figures have answered life’s most fundamental question:What is happiness and how do I achieve it?

At the end of today's show, we will announce details of the Inkfingerz 2015 Creative Prose Contest, co-sponsored by 1st World Publishing. Grand prize is a publishing contract!  Tune in for details, or go to writersvoices.com for details.

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Robert & Connie Boyer discuss uniting Heart & Mind

Robert & Connie BoyerImproving relationships and expanding love is at the heart of this week's Writers' Voices.

Cheryl Fusco Johnson talks with husband and wife writing team, Robert and Connie Boyer, about their new book, "Heart & Mind: A Perfect Union." Their book focuses on the uniting of the heart's pull of love and the mind's push of duty. According to the Boyers, this uniting is the only way to fully experience life's perfect love and bliss. Using classic movies, from Casablanca to It's A Wonderful Life to Groundhog Day, for examples, they explore ways people can untangle conflicts and enjoy the perfect union of heart and mind.

Robert Boyer is a retired clinical psychologist, teacher, and has written three previous books. Connie is a banker, former city councilwoman, mother, and grandmother. They own and operate a Fairfield bed and breakfast, Seven Roses Inn.

"The Work" of Byron Katie

After almost three years off the air, I've finally returned to KRUU FM, on Sunday mornings from 9:00AM to 9:30AM. Although my show is only a half an hour long, I offer far-ranging thoughts and suggestions about how we can live happier, healthier, and more peaceful lives. Nothing dogmatic here; just sharing my own experience and what I've seen work for others. Callers are welcome to join the discussion. I throw in some cool music too.

This week's show will be a continuation of our discussion of Byron Katie's "Work," which identifies our beliefs, not our circumstances, as the cause of virtually all of our conflicts and suffering. Through a simple yet very specific process of self-inquiry, Katie's Work allows us to see more clearly the impact of our beliefs and provides the opportunity to consider alternative views that may better serve us, all in a completely safe, self-regulated, and unforced manner. I hope you will join me.