Indian Hills Culinary School

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    Mar 21
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    Mar 23
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Indian Hills Students Cook up some Great Tastes!

Indian Hills Culinary StudentsThe third Wednesday of every month is when the Great Taste spotlight shines on the culinary students from Indian Hills.  The passion for their craft radiated by these young people literally explodes off of them.  Want to be inspired?  Tune in.  I always leave the studio full of energy and excitement after hanging around with them for an hour.  It will make you a better cook once you catch some of what they bring to the kitchen.

(Now, for what's cooking.  That's going to be a surprise.  All I will say is that what Curt Goudey said on the last Indian Hills show that he was going to fix, well, that's what he's making.  Will I taste it?  I can't tell you at this point.  Better listen to find out.  Nick Adams is going to bring something a bit more tame.  Whew!) Click Read more below to continue...

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    Feb 16
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    Feb 18
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Iron Chef-Indian Hills Culinary School Style on Great Taste

Dopo in OaklandIndian Hills held its own internal culinary Iron Chef competition on Monday and Ben Froah's team reigned supreme. Ben's agreed to recreate the dish that put his team over the top.  What's for dessert?  A tropical delight; a welcome addition nearing the end of winter's weeks.

Two of Ben's classmates join us so we'll get an inner look at why culinary school from them.  Indian Hills students always bring their passion into the studio, and this week was no exceptiion.

Your road warrior host has just returned from stops in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Manhattan, Oakland, Ukiah, and Monterey.  I'll pass along the latest tips for great spots to eat if you are in any of those locales. 

Stop by for an after-dinner taste as we're broadcasting LIVE from the studio on Wednesday, listen to the stream at, or catch us on the rebound Friday at 7:00 am CST.  Anyone for a fish sandwich?

velouté sauceIndian Hills culinary students take over the GREAT TASTE kitchen in the KRUU studio for a basic sauce session.  We'll learn how to make velouté-the standard version with chicken stock and a vegetarian alternative.  That's just the start as we explore many of the riffs you can create from velouté, one of the four "mother" sauces of French cuisine as classified by Antonin Carême in the first half of the 19th century.  We can also thank Carême for that icon of kitchen fashion, the modern toque or chef's hat.

Charlie Schiller will guide us through the sauce making process.  We're happy to welcome him back after his recently completed internship at the Des Moines Embassy Club.  We'll see if he'll share any stories about what it was like to be "the intern" in a high-powered kitchen.