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new music from old folks from 2013

there was a lot of great new music released in 2013. lots of new artists, and plenty of old artists as well, all released new music.

flaming lipsbelieve it or not, the flaming lips [left] were formed 30 years ago, so they're practically a classic-rock band. their album "the terror" is a new direction of their psychedelic style.

creedence clearwater's john fogerty's "wrote a song for everyone" is a collaboration with other artists, playing some of fogerty's classic songs with him. it shows how fresh his music was and is.

there was some outstanding new music by david bowiepaul mccartney, pearl jam, eric clapton, and the seemingly immortal todd rundgren.

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new music

the best music from 2013: new arcade firesongs from everyone's favorite, former grammy winning, nerd savants, arcade fire (pictured), brilliant pop melodies and fascinating arrangements from vampire weekend, new music from david bowiepaul mccartney, snoop lion, atoms for peace, and a lovely duet from ravi shankar's daughter's norah jones and anoushka shankar.

and speaking of surprising duet's: my favorite this week might be snoop lion and miley cyrus's "ashtrays and heartbreaks."

these songs were all released this year.

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The 1st Post-Beatles Beatles Album

The Beatles broke up in 1970. Or did they?

Each of the 3john and paul song-writing members released very strong solo albums that year. The best tracks from each album collectively make a very strong Beatles album--a post Beatles album if you will.

Missing was the studio collaboration, but a lot of these songs were rehearsed, arranged, and influenced by the other Beatles anyway.

The 3 featured albums are John Lennon's "Plastic Ono Band," Paul McCartney's (excuse me if I don't call him "Sir") "McCartney," and George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass."

I produced an hour's worth of the best of these albums in my best George Martin style. So pull up a chair, or drive to the nearest parking lot, and listen to a new Beatles album.

The track list can be found here: