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Satisfying Soups to Blunt the Winter Chill on the next GREAT TASTE

Enjoying the winter weather?  Need a little something that will satisfy and fortify while the winds blow?  There's nothing that hits the flavor spot better in the throes of a deep freeze than a hearty soup.  We've serving up two different soups in the studio this week and another over the phone.

Love SoupI have to digress because all this talk of soup reminds me of a funny soup story.  I was at an excellent Italian spot in New York, Pepolino, a number of years ago.  A friend at the table, Stan, was talking about how he only ate soup if it was steaming hot.  When the waiter took our orders Stan made certain to tell him that the soup had to be HOT.  I took a good look at that cup of soup when it was brought to the table.  The steam was pouring off of it.  Stan sent it back saying it wasn't hot enough.  I'm not certain what they did to it in the kitchen to get it any hotter, but the second try satisfied.  That might have been one of those "you had to have been there" stories, but, trust me, it was hilarious.

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The Pot and How to Use It with special guest Anna Thomas

Rice PuddingThe Pot and How to Use ItVitaClay Rice CookerRoger Ebert's new book is an ode to the simple, but useful rice pot.  The book conveys his love and admiration for all the amazing dishes that can be easily prepared in this ancient cooking tool that's been adapted for the age of electricity.  But, the book is more than that.  It really can serve as a focal point for anyone who is looking to easily replace that "lost" feeling, when looking in the refrigerator, with the swagger of a confident home cook.  In a snappy style with a large dose of humor Ebert guides us quickly through the type of pot to purchase, breakfast foods, soups, and shortcuts (canned bouillion, instant soup, a can of stew) followed by comments and recipes from readers of his blog.  One of his main principles regarding the suggestions in the book is