musical & topical safari

PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore has a magical carpet ride planned for you this Friday. First up the Fab 4, mostly from solo collections, alternating  George, Paul, John & Ringo. Some un-usual un-Beatles music.


Hail, hail, the gang's all here!2:45pm: Break out the champagne, it's all abort the Cain and able campagin train, a parody/pastiche/commentary of US politics featuring some music by Frank Zappa and an interview of him talking about the country moving towards a fascist theocracy in 1986. We'll hear comments by Ron Paul, who agrees, an unbelievable new ad by Rick Perry, snippets from Herman Cain, Bill Clinton, Obama, Gingrich, JFK, Ronald Reagan (when he was a Democrat), and comedy bits of Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, and a serious new Newt diss by a righter than thou uber-conservative attack group. Musical input by Beefheart, Patti Smith, David Byrne, Nena, Brian Eno, Nina Hagen, Frank Sinatra, & a teensy weensy Beatle fini for good measure just to bring things full circle. [Click on GOP pic for Mother Jones cartoonist Zina Saunders' latest animated editorial: The Gingrich who stole Christmas.]

At 4pm it's our regular segment "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile (@newsvandal), contributing editor of Reader Supported News. For all the articles we reference, listed with links, click "Read more" below.

Arundhati Roy2:15pm it's an FSRN report with activist and author Arundhati Roy. She's been in India’s rural forests, where mining corporations and state militias have launched a violent assault on the Maoist guerillas and landless tribal communities. Her first-hand account of the hidden side of the global economy and this long-running and often misunderstood armed movement, is the subject of a new book called "Walking with the Comrades." We'll visit Matt Taibbi's Federal Judge Pimp-Slaps the SEC Over Citigroup Settlement. Richard Cohen

At 3pm, PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore speaks with Richard Cohen, weekly columnist for The Washington Post, who writes on domestic and foreign politics. Joining The Post as a reporter in 1968, his column became nationally syndicated in 1981 and has appeared on the op-ed since 1984. James talks with him about last week's article subtitled "Something Rotten in Iowa" where Cohen contends in the state caucus process that the real elite are the few who pick the president.

Beware The Sharia TurkeyPLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore has a great show planned for you. The "Tryptophan Edition" as newsvandal JP Sottile (@newsvandal) dubbed it, that is, the post-Turkey Stuffing Special Black Friday show. Our Butterball Sharia turkey friend (pictured right) actually relates to a story coming up in the regular 4pm segment "Inside the Headlines" with JP Sottile. And I'm not kidding, though, Allah knows, I should be. [See full roster of articles to be discussed with links by clicking "Read more" below.]

Grover NorquistIn the first hour, we hear Amy Goodman's 11/21 Democracy Now interview with Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh, who's been reporting on Iran and the bomb for more than a decade. Here's his recent piece for the New Yorker. We'll also hear Prof. Richard D. Wolff address an Occupy Wall Street gathering by the central fountain at Washington Square Park in what he refers to as the 5th year of the current economic crisis.

At 3pm, It's Grover Norquist time, meeting with a group called the Patriotic Millionaires. It's a bit dicey quality-wise but well worth the listen. Norquist is the campaigner behind the no taxes, no way, no how, under any circumstances EVER crusade, who has secured pledges from the vast majority of Republican in Congress. In this discussion, he calls social security a "destructive" program. [Click on pic for link.]


Ellis2pm: As the "supercommittee" grapples with its dead bolt deficit reduction exercise, trying to hammer something out by Thanksgiving, James reads an article that Ari Berman, former KRUU host, wrote for The Nation Institute last month. Learn about the people, ideology and money behind the push to shrink government before putting people to work. If it's a jobs crisis we're facing, why is everyone's undies in a bundle about a deficit crisis? Also featured is a piece for TruthDig by Chris Hedges with his thoughts on the current revolution underway in the US: This is What Revolution Looks Like.

3pm: James interviews Ellis Delaney who is performing at Cafe P this Saturday, Nov 19 at 8pm. It's a delightful discussion of Texas, Minnesota, family, song, commitment Click on pic to see Zina Saunders' animated editorial for Mother Jonesand much more with a delightful and prolifically talented singer/songwriter.

We'll also hear new songs by The Host Country and Pieta Brown off her new release "Mercury." Click on tobacco pic for Zina Saunders latest Mother Jones animated editorial.

4pm: It's Friday's regularly scheduled segment "Inside the Headlines" with newsvandal JP Sottile. Twitter @newsvandal. This week JP & James look at a whole range of topics glossed over by the mainstream media. For a complete list with links, click on "Read more" below.

Another great show planned just for you on this beautiful veterans day. At 2:15pm, PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore speaks with Overland Sheepskin national sales manager Jay Flint, who has recently moved to Fairfield with his family. Jay has been with the company for 23 years. At 3pm, it's the editors for Blog for Iowa, Trish Nelson and Dave Bradley. Trish is a social worker by day, native Iowan, and grassroots activist in the Howard Dean tradition with a special interest in media reform. Dave is a radiophile, retired teacher and factory worker, and a member of West Liberty Dream Catchers. At 4pm, enjoy our regular Friday feature "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile, checking in with us from Oakland, CA. His twitter is @newsvandal. This week we talk about eugenics, shopping black, why traffic jams suck, life & debt of car loans, the AWOL EPA, Mexico going south, economics info, and much more. Click on "Read more" below.

Another typical topical PLANET ERSTWILD all over the map with new music from the raspy-granite pipes of Tom Waits [for no man] with his latest release "Bad As Me". If you don't hear the raw roots of Captain Beefheart in Waits' strangled-goose steel case delivery, you will when host James Moore plays them back to back.

Zina Saunders animated editorials for Mother JonesAlso, enjoy the regular 4pm feature "Inside the Headlines" with newsvandal JP Sottile, contributing editor of Reader Supported News. This week's topics include billions missing in Iraq, Fukushima disaster leads to hefty oil profits, Obama flush with Wall Street campaign money, Patriot Act turns 10, government can read your emails without warrant, Somalia heats up, unfantastic plastics, soy in eggs and chicken, orcas defended by PETA. [Click on cartoon to see Zina Saunders' animated editorial for Mother Jones and "Read more" for the aforementioned articles.]

Sidewinder WIllie Willie Mosto heads back east today but his legacy lives on in an hour of music he put together that will be featured on today's PLANET ERSTWILD. The adept and talented guitar-slinger did a fabulous job as production assistant, sound editor, groundskeeper and office assistant as KRUU's first high school intern.

Also featured is Lauryn Shapter's interview with Iowa musical legend Greg Brown that she did this week on her show GRAVEL ROAD RADIO. Chaden Halfill talks with James about a 2-day building rehab workshop he and Bill McAnally will be offering May 31 & June 1 at FACC sponosred by COSC. Bill McAnally will also lead the workshop. Here's his interview with James a few months back.

To hair is you, man!


Sit back with PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore leading you on another topical safari with a plethora of informative guests and scintillating music. Guests inlude State Rep. Curt Hanson, Greater Fairfield Area Habitat for Humanity board member John Loin and Pre-Restore volunteer co-manager Jim Pedrick, Radiance Dairy owner Francis Thicke, who has a PhD in the soil sciences, filmmaker Stuart Tanner, co-chair of the MUM Media & Communications Dept and cohost of Tanner & Moore [Thur 7pm].

Also, we'll be unveiling a song by Kacey Jones which is a tribute to Donald Trump's hair. And so much Moore...

Molly MoserJames Moore has a special Planet Erstwild planned for you, It's a musical mosaic yoko nuclear opus featuring aural art from Laurie Anderson's latest release "Homeland" and much, much more.

A brief discussion with Libyan-American Asma Yousef on the UN decision to take all necessary measures (short of boots on the ground) to stop Colonel Gadhafi's assault on opposition cities.

Artist Molly Moser talks about her one-day painting exhibition at the American Gothic House in Eldon on Saturday, March 19 from 1pm-5pm.

James talks with education director Megan Buckingham of Seed Savers Exchange, an amazing organization, offering a free gathering tonight at 7pm at the Jefferson County County Ag Grounds Extension office, as part of the 2011 Backyard Conservation Series.

On Saturday, a panel of Farmer’s Market veterans will share secrets to their success at the Sustainable Living Coalition campus. (Find map here. To guarantee your lunch, call 641-472-4166).

Raqdim Schreiber2:30pm: Host James Moore speaks with Sustainability Coordinator Scott Timm about this spring's Backyard Conservation Series, workshops & action steps galore.Motown Bonnie

3pm: Fairfield Soul Production's Will Gunn & Doug Daller talk about their upcoming R.E.S.P.E.C.T. A Tribute to the Golden Age of Soul concerts March 11 & 12 at the Sondheim.

4pm: It's Czech-born Radim Schreiber. The award-winning photographer has his first solo photo exhibit "Fireflies" at Teeple-Hanson Studio for Artwalk. He is a Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalist. Vote for him here: Amber firefly [#17] via @

4:30pm: James interviews Carl Gibson, organizer & spokesperson for the grassroots anti-austerity group US Uncut, highlighting the issue of corporate tax avoidance.

Take the the budget problem in Wisconsin, for instance. Newly-elected Governor Scott Walker points out a $137 million shortfall now, as much as a $3.6 billion by 2013. He says he has no choice but to take away collective bargaining rights of the public sector unions. But did you know a study by the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future documents that Wisconsin corporations underpay state and local taxes by more than $1.3 billion annually?