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Enjoy James' interview with SenoritAwesome! who is playing Phoenix Rising Hall Thursday, March 10th, also featuring Tree of Na and Tray Good.

Also, musical safaris with Keith Richards & the Stones, Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone.

The lovely, talented, exciting Koko-Jean Davis joins me to catch up on her amazing life. Lead singer of the internationally-acclaimed retro R&B group The Excitements, the former KRUU host is visiting all the way from Barcelona. Just about to release their third album, we'll be sharing some of her exciting music as well.

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LIFE & DEATH OF FRED HAMPTON: Chicago Hero, American Revolutionary

Fred Hampton 

“White Power to white people, Brown Power to brown people, Yellow Power to yellow people, Black Power to black people, X power to those we left out and Panther Power to the Vanguard Party."

--Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton was murdered in his sleep with the help of an FBI informant December 4, 1969 during a raid on his apartment by a 14-member tactical unit of the Cook County, Illinois State's Attorney's Office (SAO), in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The pre-dawn raid was organized by Cook County State's Attorney Edward Hanrahan to serve an illegal weapons charge.

The 21-year old was Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party (BPP), where he had organized weekly rallies, worked closely with the BPP's local People's Clinic, taught political education classes every morning at 6am, launched a project for community supervision of the police, and was also instrumental in the BPP's Free Breakfast Program for area children.

In August 1969 Hampton spoke to a packed house at the People’s Church in the heart of Chicago’s Black West Side. [Excerpt from Jeffrey Haas' book.]

"You have to understand that people have to pay a price for peace. If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. If you dare not struggle then damn it, you don’t deserve to win. Let me say peace to you if you're willing to fight for it."

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RIP Scott Weiland | KRUU Musical Tribute Friday 2pm









Nichola Naioti, aka MR NASTIFull tilt boogie today program, a musical & topical safari deluxe on PLANET ERSTWILD!

First up, the amazing Nicholas Naioti, who talks about being MR NASTI, playing in Control, owning the Arbor Bar, what he's got going for FAIRfest Afterparties (and speaking of non-stop boogie, it's a ton of fun!)!

Secondly we speak with Dagmar's beautiful Gemma DagmarCohen and beautiful Miranda Mallard about their brand new amazing release and CD release party this Saturday, June 6th at Phoenix Rising Hall. Beautiful music and a lot of special friends will descend upon the stage for their CD debut party.

Ryan and Bagryan CairnsThirdly, meet Iowa Peace Corps state director Ryan Cairns (pictured with his wife) and St Louis Peace Corps recruiter Joe Zucchini who will inform us about all things Peace Corps. They will have a booth at this year's FAIRfest and can answer any questions you might have about joining the Peace Corps or even finding out more info for future consideration.

And lastly, we bring you, not one, not two, but THREE basses in a menage s twois of basshooded blisscapades recorded last week at Cafe Paparazzi with James Moore, George Foster & Eric Hurlin wielding the axes and David Hurlin on drums. Yep, it's Apocalypso Tantric Noise Choir. No holes barred. Let the Apocalypse begin.

First up, Gene Luedtke, president of Fairfield's Carnegie Historical Museum board, talks with James about Fairfield's colorful, cultural history, impressive museum, and the 1915 "Fairfield Chatauqua" gathering, billed as 'Iowa's Most Successful Summer Assembly.' An exhibit by the Museum and other historical sights like the Maasdam Barns will be a featured dpart of FAIRfest '15.

Showcase of the line up announcement from this week's FAIRfest '15 press conference--and it's one sweet doozy that has musicians and music lovers across the country talking about, with acts like Cyril Neville & Royal Southern Brotherhood, Greg Brown, Elephant Revival and much more.

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"JPMorgan is one of the best-managed banks there is. Jamie Dimon, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got, and they still lost $2 billion and counting."

Barack Obama, on 'The View" in 2012. Obama has $500,000 to a million dollars in holdings with JPMorgan,             

First up, James interviews Milwaukee-based, Grammy-nominated and highly awarded blues force Reverend Raven & his Chain-Smoking Altar Boys who are playing the Best Western Saturday, November 8th at 8pm. This guy is the real deaAlayne Fleischmannl who started on Chicago's south side. We'll swap stories, talk shop, and generally have a blast. It's a Southeast Iowa Blues Society shindig.

In the second half of PLANET ERSTWILD, Matt Taibbi dishes the dirt on dirty deeds done dirt cheap in high places--considering the nature of the crime, that is. Former JPMorgan diligence lawyer whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann presents damning allegations of lying, collusion, and illicit clinky brinksmanship by JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon in kahuts with US Attiorney General Eric Holder. It is not a pretty picture of the man and the company, or the banking system, or the government.