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Vermont, Thailand, and Paris-We Move Around on this Week's Show

Ethan WestI love real maple syrup and maple sugar, and, what's crazy is most consumers, perhaps as high as 7 out of 10, have only tasted the artificial brands that are on every store shelf, and served in most "restaurants."  As our guest and maple syrup maker Ethan West pointed out during our discussion, some manufacturers and eating spots mix a bit of real maple syrup into their corn syrup and artificially-flavored product.  Buyer beware because they can say with a straight face that it contains "real" maple syrup.  CLICK READ MORE!


The Pho Cookbook

Can you ever get enough soup?  Whether it's cold or hot outside, I can always eat soup.  It must stem from my grandmother's chicken soup, which enthralls my childhood memories, and is, of course, associated with love.  French onion soup at Famous-Barr, a local department store chain in St. Louis, is another of my touchstone soup memories.

Today I will go out of my way looking for a spot that is known for its great bowls of steamy delights.  Some of my most satisfying experiences, outside of our home, are definitely bowls of ramen and pho.  My first guest, Andrea Nguyen, has written a primer on pho that will appeal to pho novices, as well as, those more nuanced pho eaters.  Enjoy listening, preferably while you down a bowl of pho.


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Paris and Provence with Patricia Wells Plus Local Flavor at Tartine

Food Lover's Guide to ParisPatricia Wells, James Beard award-winning author, spoke with me this week from Provence, where spring came early this year.  Our first local asparagus poked its way through the now thawed ground only this week, but she has been enjoying that amazingly tasty flowering perennial since January.  Don't miss her tip on the simplest way to prepare this spring treat.  You'll have to listen to the show for the recipe.

Ms. Wells' completely revised 5th edition of The Food Lover's Guide to Paris is available in bookstores and online, and the app for IOS is on the iTunes Store as a free download to try out, or for $4.99 you can get the complete app with over 350 recommendations for enjoying the culinary delights in the City of Light.

You can learn more about Patricia, her cooking classes and books at-

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Great Taste visits Paris-Well, we talk about it!

Croissants Cole Porter's simple, but lovely song sung by Frank Sinatra is ringing in my ears while I write this post:
I love paris in the spring time
I love paris in the fall
I love paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love paris in the winter when it drizzles
I love paris every moment
Every moment of the year
I love paris, why oh why do I love paris
Because my love is here

We love the FOOD in Paris,  No surprise there.  Maybe you are planning a trip this year to that amazing city or possibly only dreaming of going.  Either way, you'll enjoy hearing the recent food exploits of Lonnie and Valerie Gamble during our next show. They returned a couple of weeks ago from a month's stay with Valerie's mom and shared their thoughts on how to eat well and not spend a fortune while talking with Kathy and me.

Dr. Jim Handlin

Leonard PittDr. James Handlin is an experienced educator having been the headmaster of three private high schools. Dr Handlin is also a poet having been published in numerous magazines and journals. He was chosen along with Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, and Amiri Baraka, among others, to have a poem put in marble in New York City's Penn Station.

Leonard Pitt is an author. His latest books is Paris Postcards-The Golden Age. He is currently working on a one man show with director Arne Zaslove. In 2009, Mr. Pitt and James Donlon opened the Flying Actor Studio in San Francisco offering a two-year program in the art of physical theater.