musical and topical safari

At 3pm, Francis Thicke of Radiance Dairy and Dean Goodale of Maharishi Vedic Farms speak wiTed Beals, MDth Ted Beals, MD, a lifelong advocate for organic principles, sustainable and local agriculture and the nutritional and medical values of nutrient-densMother Jones 1837-1930e foods. Active in promoting the rights of farmers to provide and consumers to obtain milk and other locally-produced fresh unprocessed foods, Dr. Beals is the retired National Director of Pathology & Laboratory Services, Dept. of Veterans Affairs. He is an international consultant and educator on the medical aspects of agricultural product safety. Dr. Beals lives with his wife Peggy on 40 acres in rural Michigan.

At 2:15pm, Corey Hickenbottom interviews Sean Johnson about their beekeeping workshops being offered Saturday in Fairfield as part of the Backyard Conservation Series.

At 4pm, enjoy some chapters from the Autobiography of Mother Jones highlighting her amazing life as an union organizer.

Prof Richard Wolff4pm: Featured guest on Tanner & Moore Professor Richard Wolff. An alternative look at economics with the Harvard/Stanford/Yale educated Wolff, who is Economics Emeritus, at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught from 1973 to 2008. His thesis that deep economic structures--the relationship of wages to profits, of workers toChristine Goodale in action boards of directors, and of debts to income--are the root cause of our economic meltdown which means the Great Recession may be far more than a "financial" crisis.

2pm: Christine Goodale talks about reopening her new restaurant, The Crepe Escape, at Everybody's Cafe for lunch fare Tuesday through Saturday. 2:30pm: James reads Organic Consumers Association director Ronnie Cummins' response to the governments okay of GE alfalfa. 3pm: Rep. Curt Hanson talks about the new Iowa Congressional session and State House activities. 3:30: singer/songwriter David Seagull talks about his upcoming concert this Saturday at Cafe P.

This week PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore travels the highways and biways on his usual topical saCultural Recyclistsfari. First up, a discussion with the Cultural Recyclists, 5 bicyclists from Penn State who are wending their way from sea to shining sea. They graciously dropped by KRUU to share their story at the station that broadcasts on sunight and floats on marmoleum.

At 2:30pm, Mike Ragogna (host of Mike Ragogna's 2.0) has a special segment with Ryan Gaffney, who is back in town for the lead role in the upcoming Way Off Broadway Production of BIG RIVER (Aug 13-22), a play about Mark Twain by Roger Miller. 3:30pm, it's Joy Salmon. 3:45pm James interviews Larry Rail about his work with the Kids Against Hunger program. At 4pm, legendary American guitarist Bill Kirchen drops by via an interview with KRUU's very own Corey Hickenbottom, host of Country Music Jamboree (Tuesdays 10am-noon). At 4:30. it's Matt Milner, who writes for the Ottumwa Courier. And plenty Moore where that came from--it's PLANET ERSTWILD, where the ducks roost and the geese gander, Fridays 2pm-5pm CST.