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First up, Ari Berman moderates an all-star panel for Netroots Nation on Press TV discussing an issue he's written extensively about: the war on voting. Ari grew up in Fairfield, was a KRUU host 2008-09, writes for The Nation, Rolling Stone, and authored "Herding Donkeys." The panel includes Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, Brennan Center's Keesha Gaskins, Rock the Vote's Heather Smith, and  Election Projection's Eric Marshall.

Next up Ottumwa Courier journalist and digital collective domain director Matt Milner talks about things in his life as well as some poilitics. Then we hear prepared remarks from former 11-term Illinois Congressman Paul Findley on the anniversary of the attack of the USS Liberty.

At 4pm, it's our regular feature "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile offering an insight out look at some of the week's most striking headlines. For a complete list of stories referenced, click "Read more" below.

The War on Voting

2:05pm: The Nation's Ari Berman leads an all-star panel on Free Speech TV. Conservative legislators and governors in more than a dozen states have passed laws to restrict access to the ballot, including requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, restricting voter registration drives, curtailing early voting, disenfranchising ex-felons and mandating government-issued photo identification to cast ballots. The non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice says the new laws could make it significantly harder for more than 5 million eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012, with young, minority, low-income and disabled voters hit the hardest. Panel includes Sen. Ben Cardin, Rep.

Sherry HuntHow did Sherry Hunt win $31 million from Citigroup? Well, she did it by whistling more than Dixie.

Tune in to find out at 4pm on PLANET ERSTWILD's weekly news & commentary segment "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile.

At 2pm, a discussion on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement as reported by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman who covers a vote by Park Slope, a Brooklyn-based food co-op deciding whether to embrace this approach. She interviews a Palestinian activist and a Jewish rabbi about the pros and cons. Then Norman Finkelstein challenges what he considers the hidden agenda undermining the BDS movement.

At 3pm, James Moore interviews local food advocate Jim Brown about food, food policy and how the invisible hand of Adam Smith is being tied in knots by a lack of free market competition.

4pm, it's "Inside the Headlines" with another plateful of informative news stories from around the globe served up by Emmy Award-winning journalist & filmmaker JP Sottile based in Oakland, California. Click on "Read more" below for a complete list of this week's headline stories.

Chris Cambridge hosts the first hour of PLANET ERSTWILD presenting his JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimonspecial touch of jazz. Chris helmed a jazz show for many years in Hawaii and may be joining the KRUU soon.

At 3pm, James offers up a special tribute to JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon. The hotseat CEO of the US's largest bank, also known as Obama's favorite banker, recently lost over $2 billion in creative derivative swap trading and has come under federal investigation. Also, a brief segment on the hidden costs of Pentagon spending with special tunes by L7 ("Wargasm") and Stanton Moore ("Cleanse This House"). And a brief segment on the Beatles' Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr & friends "Change Begins Within" concert special on PBS.

At 4pm, join James for "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. This week its 'Mission Creeps,' 'The Economy Doesn't Suck--It Just Sucks for You,' and 'Misaligned Stars.' For full list of articles referenced, click "Read more" below.

Welcome to PLANET ERSTWILD, your destination where imagination rules on this weekly topical and musical safari. A little this, a little that--super variety for a super show!

First up, it's Lonnie Gamble, John Ikerd and Travis Cox on the upcoming TRANSCENDING SUSTAINABILITY conference May 31-June 3. Jolly green giants, all, pushing the envelope in new directions. What a blessing for the community.

Next we hear from FRIENDS OF EARTH's Mike Carberry who penned a piece for CommonDreams about MidAmerican's failure to secure legislation this year for rate hikes to maybe build a new nuclear power facility in Iowa.Jennifer Barclay, founder of Blue Fish Clothing

At 3pm, spotlight on Fairfield's newest business on the square, BLUE FISH CLOTHING, an artisan, organic clothing company that is setting up shop right here in F-Town. James goes on site for a personal tour of the operation with founder/visionary Jennifer Barclay, who began her women's clothing business at 17. She was on Oprah as a young entrenpeneur and at one point had over 200 employees with 8 store locations in SoHo, Frenchtown, Austin, & others.


Frank, Carl & Peter: Three Kiteboarding Amigos I saw a write up in the Fairfield Ledger highlighting Frank Wintroub, Carl Stone and Peter Huggins and their passion for kiteboarding in Iowa. They are going to be featured this Sunday at 9pm on an Iowa Public Television program called Iowa Outdoors. (Rebro May 13 at 5:30pm). I asked them to come to the KRUU studios to talk about it and they did. A lively discussion ensued. You can hear it at 3:25pm. Want to learn more about the sport? Email

At 3pm on PLANET ERSTWILD, I talk with Fairfield sustainability coordinator Scott Timm, Kent Newman, executive director of the Center on Sustainable Communities, and building consultant/educator Bill McAnally, who will be offering a free energy efficiency seminar this weekend at the Public Library. It is part of the continuing Alliant Hometown Rewards program, which is co-sponsored by KRUU-FM.

At 4pm, enjoy our regular segment: "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile, checking in from Oakland, California. Another great show planned today looking at military, economic, national and international topics that are making waves this week. Click on "Read more" below for all the articles referenced.

Another topical safari planned just for you from the PLANET ERSTWILD production studios at people-powered solar radio KRUU 100.1 FM.

First hour is dedicated to a debate about the efficacy of the BDS movement. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviews

Russell Agee

James Moore speaks with Patrick White, aka, Binghimon, about his fundraiser at Morning Star this Saturday for the launch of his new Binghimon Reggae Kitchen on 4th Street. Dinner at 7pm. Music by the Bionghi Boppa Band at 9pm.

Next up, James talks with Russell Agee, founder of "Wealth From The Source" about his life and upcoming seminar in Fairfield. Russell is offering a free introductory talk: "Discover Wealth from the Source" at the Fairfield Public Library on Friday April 27 at 6pm and 7:30pm with an all day seminar on Saturday, April 28.

Then enjoy a recap of the amazing Hometown Rewards program kickoff event at Chautauqua Park from Earthday this past Sunday including brief interviews with sustainability coordinator Scott Timm, Trees Forever founder Shannon Ramsay, Mayor Ed Malloy, Alliant Energy's Robin Sempf, HyVee store director Alan Shank, music of KC & the Pick Up Band, Jefferson County Green Band, & much more.

At 4pm, it's PLANET ERSTWILD regular feature "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile, this week looking at the Global War Of Terror, the sucking sound of the economy, and Pandora's Boxcutter. Not to mention naked Wiccans, talking to yourself may actually be a good thing, and the Academy goes to... Citigroup??? For links to all the headlines, click "Read more" below.

John NewtonSit back and enjoy conversation on a wide range of topics with PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore, another topical & musical safari.

1/ Steve Rideout talks about his company Helios, based in Pennsylvania, which is working on a conversion process for renewable energy applications. 2/ Emily Swihart, field coordinator for Trees Forever, discusses the upcoming Hometown Rewards kickoff, Sunday April 22nd at Chautauqua Park, with project coordinator Anna Bruen and Fairfield sustainability coordinator Scott Timm. Social media expert/author 3/ Phyllis Khare articulately discusses social media. She holds regular free Wed & Fri lunchtime gatherings at her home and is a guest speaker at next weekend's EcoFairfield covering social media for nonprofits. A brief discourse of 4/ Sinead O'Connor discussing the Book of Job with a few of her musical passages. 5/ John Newton, who is offering a free intro to his healing work Thu Apr 19 at FF Public Library, talks about his years in the entertainment industry ("Superman" to "Melrose Place" to "The Mentalist") and years working in the healing arts. His website is

Then it's PLANET ERSTWILD's regular 4pm segment: "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. The Emmy-award winning news producer, historian, researcher, writer and blogger calls in each week from Oakland, CA. Click on "Read more" below to reference this week's headlines.

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Doors Special plus Inside the Headlines w/ JP Sottile

enJOY A RIDE WITH THe DOORS on planet erstwild. 2-4pm. Snippets of convo, both the DOORSusual and some unusual suspects, song-wise. Leave the driving to us, man. If you lived through this, you'll live it again. If you didn't, you'll wish the past wasn't a damn dead cement-booted frozen thing and the future nothing but a big ol' tease before you scrape your knees in the summer after falling off a bike that seemed like your only ticket out of the self-confinement of childhood's intrusive lassitudes. In other words, if you have to ask, you're probably too late to catch the angel train, whether Woody Guthrie is a guest on the Daily Show tonight or not. Seriously, it's a nice ride to the other side and nothing like Oliver Stone's droll percy sledgehammer of a Hollywouldn't flick except in length, but size isn't everything unless you're unbounded for morning glory, afternoon delight, or evening the score, and who isn't these days?

4pm, it's our regular segment INSIDE THE HEADLINES with Newsvandal JP Sottile. For complete list of topics, click "Read more" below.