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This week PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore talks with Grace Lee and Jane Edith Wilson, the creative forces behind "Janeane from Des Moines", dubbed a "poker-faced mockumentary" by Variety and featured recently in the New York Times and at the Toronto FIlm Festival.

Shot in Iowa between March 2011 and January 2012 during the Republicans’ campaign for the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses, the film shows at the Fleur Cinema in Des Moines this weekend with the filmmakers in attendance.

Lead protagonist/actress Wilson is an Ames native who has appeared on episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "ER" and "Seinfeld," and director Lee grew up in Columbia, Missouri and received a master’s degree in fine arts from the UCLA Film School. Both co-wrote the film. Click here for youtube of the song.Other credits include American Zombie & the Grace Lee Project.

At 3pm, it's a 50 minute salute to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first hit "Love Me Do" and its flip side "P.S. I Love You". It's the way we feel about you at KRUU. Released on October 5, 1962. Seems like only "Yesterday," eh?

At 4pm, we go "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile, award-winning journalist and filmmaker, for a look at the week's compelling news stories. This week gitmo, gmos, and a new newsfeedig frenzy. For every headline selected, click "Read more" below.

Wall to wall fun on PLANET ERSTWILD. Starting with Texas populist Jim Populist Jim HightowerHightower talking about CAFOs and much more with host James Moore. The best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and radio personality will be keying JFAN's annual meeting in Fairfield on Wed Oct 3 at the Convention Center.

2:30pm, it's renowned voice coach Edwin Coppard who's arriving from Vancouver via Japan for an all-day "Unbounded Voice" Saturday workshop. Coppard who worked with motivational speaker Tony Robbins for 10 years, talks about his experiences around the world helping people find their voice and shares his recent breakthrough which he calls the Holy Grail of unlocking its potential.

Dana Rubin & Hannah Blackmer w/ James Moore.At 3pm, meet Dana Rubin and Hannah Blackmer, two young women from Vermont who graduated college and decided to do something interesting. They've embarked on a 100-day road trip across America in a diesel-powered Mercedes searching out local sustainability success stories and decided to drop by solar KRUU. Convenient Resilience they call it. Ride on!!

3:15pm we hear from Sue Goodwin, executice producer of NPR's "Talk of the Nation" with Neal Conan. Talk about a true radio passionista! She was visiting Fairfield for the first time to reconnect with her high school buddy, Dr. Deborah Peters. Also, her son attends Grinnell University.

At 4pm, we go "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. This week topics include 'Hearts & Minds & Bombs,' 'What is Govern-meant to Do?' and 'Something's Fishy.'  As we do each week, articles are listed and linked, just click "Read more" below.

If you've got a thing for Harleys and Mexico, tune in at 2pm as PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore reads his Iowa Source piece on said subject following his trip down the Baja to Cabo San Lucas from Los Angeles a few years back.

Then James reads the articulate final statements of the Pussy Riotthree members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, who have been sentenced to 2 years behind bars for their performance stunt in a Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow on the eve of the national election there. The irrereverent performance was a protest of the Church's support for Putin and Russian system. | James also reads a snippet from Gore Vidal's "Burr" and the forward of Chris Hedges' new book "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt."

Then it's our regular 4pm segment "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. This week he and James look at Citizen Kane's Rosebuddies, see hear now, and, oh yeah, speak, & hired guns for higher education, & much more. All headlines listed below, just click "Read more."


"Do you believe it's almost now?" said Tomorrow to Last Night. "Very funny," said Maybe, winking lasciviously at No Way. "Let's get this party started," said Incendiary to Lost Cause. "Easy for you to say," said Ziploc to Window Pane, cracking a smile. "Do you believe in magic?" said Self Loathing to Self Help. "So help me God," said the Son to the Father. 

In other words, it's time for PLANET ERSTWILD. Sit back and leave the driving to us. WARNING: Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer then they actually are.

Shoehorns: Dain Daller, Iowa Source, Marco Benevento, Mike Dillon, Jim Noir, Flipron, Jim Kerwin, Tracy Vance, Scott Timm, Anna Bruen (in absentia), Washpo, NY Times, and Giuseppe.

At 4pm, we go "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. Check out his latest salvo on the fine line between politicizing and journalism: How Ezra Klein Punked Chris Matthews, Political Media and the Entire Cable News Model. This week's categories: TV or not TV, suck suck goose economy, and a meditation on the wetness of water. For all headlines discussed with links, click Read more below.

Join me for another wide-ranging PLANET ESRTWILD that spans the gamut to bring you challenging, thought-provoking perspectives as well as mindful news & commentary. THIS WEEK: Iowa native and Fairfield personage LB Shriver is featured in the first hour sharing his experiences in China where he worked two years as an oral English teacher. The gifted writer & no nonsense celebrated thinker sheds light on cross-cultural issues and perspectives.

In the second hour [3pm], celebrated author Beth Howard, aka the Eldon Pie Lady, gives us a guided tour of the American Gothic House immortalized by painter Grant Wood. (It's 3-D radio, baby!) Her book, "Making Piece: a memoir of love, loss & pie" is a delicious read and a joyful, tragic, uplifting journey. And yes, she'll be judging pies again at the 2012 Iowa State Fair. Beth will be holding a pie demo and book-signing event at the At Home Store Tuesday, August 7. A few spots remain. Contact Rosie Witherspoon at 641 472-1016.

This week featured guests include executive director Becky Allgood of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum, located in West Branch, Iowa, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this summer with a free all-day event August 4th. KRUU is a proud cosponsor of the event. For details, click here. 3pm CT.

Host James Moore kicks off the show with WW II pilot Jerry Yellin who talks about his work with veterans suffering from PTSD. He will be hosting HEALING the HIDDEN WOUNDS of WAR Saturday, July 28th at 2pm at the Sondheim Center. It's free and open to the public. Also speaking: Afghan War veteran Luke Jensen & brain scientist Fred Travis. KRUU is co-sponsoring the event. 2pm

Fairfield civic lighthouse Ken Malloy talks about the Greater Jefferson County Foundation. Learn about the Foundation's genesis and its role supporting nonprofits and high school students since 1975. A contest for those interested in producing a video to represent & promote the Foundation is announced. $500 cash prize. Listen August 1st for a co-sponsorship day announcing the contest.

Followed by meditations on John Carroll, Neale Donald Walsh & the Libor scandal.

At 4pm, it's our regular segment "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. For full list of this week's headlines, please click "Read more" below.

Head's Up: Tomorrow morning 11am: Filmmaker Kristian Day and author Frank Meeink, who are working together on a new documentary "Is This Heaven" on Iowa spirituality. Kristian, president of the Modern American Cinema and managing editor at Iowa Music Buzz, files regular reports for KRUU from Des Moines.

Former 11-term Illinois Congressman Paul Findley discusses the attack of the USS Liberty. Business and wellness entrepreneur Rob Ferguson talks about a new superfood fast food he's created and is marketing called Cruzers. He'll be back in a few weeks for taste testing and may set up a factory right here in F-Town.

For an interesting documentary on the escallation in military drone use led by the U.S., click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: On the next PLANET ERSTWILDJerry Yellin and Luke Jensen talk about vet issues and their event this week at the Sondheim. Also featured, Becky Allgood of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum & Library. And a musical meditation on the financial shennanigans afoot these days, including the Libor collusion debacle.

At 4pm, it's another fresh week's worth of "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. For complete list of stories, click on 'Read more' below. Shows are archived under PLANET ERSTWILD.

1st hour: "Honeystellar Overdrive" | Dain Daller, Ken Scott & James

2nd hour: Solar hot water workshop sponsored by Alliant Hometown Rewards program with Lonnie Gamble, Scott Timm & Anna Bruen

3rd hour: "Inside the Headlines" w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile

Click on "Read more" below for full list of headlines referenced today with links. Click here to be put on JP's Daily Headlines Rundown.

Welcome to PLANET ERSTWILD! We've got another great show planned for youJeffrey Hollander today.

First up, we have the honor of speaking with Jeffrey Hollender, founder of Seventh Generations, a Greenpeace board member, and founder of the American Sustainable Business Council which consists of over 150,000 businesses across the country. Jeffrey, Paul Tarnoff and Troy van Beek of Ideal Energy, all attended an all day session at the White House where they met with 29 administration officials.

At 3pm, it's another chat with extraordinary singer/artist Barbara Morillo talking about her new acapella project and much more.

At 4pm, it's our regular feature "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. Why are people ignoring JImmy Carter's searing critique of America? Tune in and find out. For a list of all referenced headlines, please click the "Read more" tab below.

Fred Branfman2pm: Fred Branfman talks live with PLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore about his Salon magazine piece "When Chomsky Wept." Expect a wide-ranging discussion. During sustained periods of political, spiritual and psychological activity, Branfman has sought to understand and improve human affairs He has been published in N.Y. Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston GlobeHarper’s, Playboy, The Nation, New Republic, Salon, Tikkun, Newsday, The Progressive,Country Joe McDonald Alternet, Huffington Post, Truthdig, and many more. His website is

3pm: Greg Stokesbury of the The New Bohemia Group and community radio station KNBO-New Bo Neighborhood Radio talks about WOODYFEST, celebrating the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie. The festival stars Country Joe McDonald and features Dave Moore, Waite & Drake, Rob Lumbard, Pigs & Clover, Sam Knutson, and the Evan Stock Band. Also, in this hour, Stephen Benson and Barbara Morillo of Triptic Soul, talk about their new self-titled electronica release and pre-release CD party at Central Park Furnishings Sat, June 23 at 8pm.

4pm, it's "Inside the Headlines" with Oakland-based, Emmy award-winning journalist/filmmaker Newsvandal JP Sottile. This week: secret wars and the war on secrets, the con do economy, shady sunshine & much more. Click on "Read more" below for a list of today's featured headlines.