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Astrella talks about her Musical T's

The lovely Astrella Celeste talks about her new fashion line that is really taking off. Musical T's. Fabulous stuff. She's a musician, too. I interviewed her dad Donovan a few years back and her husband Jason Rothberg, too, who managed Joe Strummer of The Clash and has worked with David Lynch's nonprofit Transcendental Music project. Here's her facebook link. Click on pic for interview with Coachella.

Paula Poundstone

A salt of the earth comedienne and a soil microbioloigist walk into a bar. Wait, wait...  it's no joke.

3pm | I get to speak with two incredible women--one an Emmy award winning author, radio & television personality and highly decorated funny person, the uber intelligent, improvisationally unchallenged and wit smitten kitten Paula Poundstone.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me is now heard in 5 million homes across the country, including all of the major markets, internationally on NPR Worldwide, streaming on the Internet and via podcast.  In 2008 it received a Peabody Award for broadcasting excellence.  On the show Paula gets to match wits with some of the country’s leading pundits. Poundstone will be doing her comedy magic at The Englert in Iowa City Fri Apr 18th.

Elaine Ingham

3:30pm | One of my favorite people on earth, Dr. Elaine Ingham, an American soil biology researcher and founder of Soil Foodweb Inc will speak about her amazing work restoring the balance of our soil. A leader in soil microbiology and research of the soil food web, she is author of the USDA's Soil Biology Primer. In 2011, Ingham was named as The Rodale Institute's chief scientist. She teaches at MUM in the sustainable living department once a year.

At 2pm, James Moore speaks with Overland Sheepskin's Roger Leahy, Clyde Cleveland & Keith DeBoer about their reactions to the proposed grain elevator complex going up across from Overland. Here's a link to the interview. Mr. Leahy says Heartland Co-Op is planning to build a 220 foot tall cement super structure, according to feedback he received from a company executive.

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Questioning America's "Good" Wars



Anti War Howard ZinnI love Howard Zinn. He was a thinker, a questioner, an extraordinary historian, and a worldclass world peace activist. Today I'll play an incredible talk he gave in 2009 about America's "Holy Wars'--the good wars we never question in the sentimentalized, romanticized version of our history.

The next time some talking head pushes a war on you, like William Kristol, who cheered on the invasion of Iraq from his armchair, and is now bemoaning the fact the Americans appear to be war weary because of the debacle in Iraq and the endless miasma of Afghanistan, don't let the stirring patriotic pro-militaristic language fool ya. Think about the human cost. The human suffering.

The rich push war that the poor fight and die in. The rich make money and champion its glories. Challenge assumptions. Check your patriotic guns at the door. Don't buy chickenhawks hawking war with their tough guy blather. War should be a last resort. Never, ever a first retort. Next time some armchair quarterback or media former general says we HAVE to go to war, remember...

"In between war and passivity, there are a thousand possibilities." --Howard Zinn

Bob CasaleAt 2:10pm host James Moore presents a KRUU exclusiveHugh Cornwell
interview with Hugh Cornwell, formerly of UK rock group The Stranglers, who scored 21 Top 10 hits. Produced by Gerald Grohman, host of Plattenkiste [Mondays 10pm].

Also, brief interviews with David Olney, who plays Cafe P this Saturday accompanied by Sergio Webb, and Devo’s Jerry Casale in commemoration of his brother, guitarist Bob Casale, who passed away this week.

Azril BacalAzril Bacal speaks with James Moore on various topics, including the damaging impact of extractivism in Peru, the world social forum and peace work, among others. Azril was traveling from Peru on his way to Sweden with a stop in Fairfield to visit his daughter Caterina. Azril, poet, author, and activist, has been a dedicated intellectual with one overriding concern throughout his caEdward Snowdenreer: Peace. He's been a part of the World Social Forum since its inception.

The second part of the program is an audio of whistleblower Edward Snowden from a recent appearance on German TV ARD. He describes threats he may be facing and why he chose to expose the National Security Agency for what he feels was their egregious abuse of the public trust. Recently nominated for a Nobel Prize by Norwegian MPs and pilloried by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who Snowden caused "profound damage" to the US intelligence community.

2:10pm: THRIVE'S Foster GambleEnjoy a rich journey into renewed possibilties for moving things forward on the planet with a trifecta of accomplished and successful activisers & solutionaries: Bob Podolski, author of FLOURISH, theoretical physicist and psycotherapist, whose father worked directly with Einstein; Foster Gamble, co-creator with his wife of the movie THRIVE and the Thrive movement, and Fairfield's own Clyde Cleveland, entrepreneur, author of COMMONSENSE REVISITED, and organizing force of the upcoming FLOURISH FAIRFIELD events at the Sondheim Center Tue Jan 28 & Thu Jan 30. Learn about octologues, holomats, non-coercive ethics, and much more in the land of Titania.

Fairfield Feist Club Burlesque Troupe3:20pm: James Moore talks with Orpheum Theater and Modern American Cinema's Kristian Day, Fairfield's filmic renaissance impressario. This week it's the Coen brothers' new film "Inside Llewyn Davis" starting Jan 24th, plus Mark Mori's new movie "Bettie Page Reveals All", Fri & Sat only, Jan. 24 & 25. 

Also, joining Orpheum Weekly is FEIST Club Burlesque Troupes'Keli Dean and Laila Sadat-Sharifi. Join James, Keli, and Laila as they talk about FEIST Club and their upcoming shows on Valentines weekend at The Orpheum. They will do a short teaser at the Bettie Page movie Friday night. It was Keli's idea to bring the film to Fairfield. Then we cool our jets and take a polar plunge with John Loin. Whew!!!!!

What is your capacity for moral outrage?

I'm playing a documentary of one of my favorite historians, Howard Zinn, Friday at 2:10pm on solar-powered, where every day is independents' day.

To hear a university professor celebrate and embrace activism and engagement of students on campuses is to understand how tepid, removed, endowment deferral, corporatized, public/privatized, and business principled higher learning has become. Radicals have been scrubbed out of the system. I think nothing scares those who promote and cling to the status quo as much as clear-eyed intellectuals who know the difference between the song and the dance, the truth and the lie, and are not afraid to teach--lead--show young people how to do the same.

After that, Chris Hedges and Geoffrey Stone debate Edward Snowden on Democracy Now wih Amy Goodman.

James talks with Cameroonian-American Africa Engo and Mozambique native Celio Mondjane about their reflections on Mandela's passing.

      Nelson Mandela  A Tribute | 2pm-4pm

4pm, we go "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile. This week's three tiers include the empire strikes out, tattle tales from the crypt and calling doctor dolittle. Links below to all the headlines discussed.

1. The Empire Strikes Out
Anarchy at door, West rebuilds Libyan army
US: American fighters in Syria could become security risks
Khan’s Protests Succeed: US Halts Use of Northern Supply Route Through Pakistan

A 3-hour meditation, celebration, dedication, evaluation on the 50th anniversary on the passing of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th American president.

At 2pm, James talks with Ottumwa-born teacher Scott Garbe, who wrote all the songs on recently released 'The Kennedy Suite,' a concept CD seven years in the making by Canada's Cowboy Junkies. The Junkies debut the music Nov 22 & 23 at Winter Garden in Toronto.Scott garbe & Michael Timmons

Next up: JFK's speech at the American University, where he praises the value of education and challenges the military industrial complex status quo. Then PLANET ERSTWILD goes INSIDE THE HEADLINES with an hour and a half special edition on JFK with Newsvandal JP Sottile, who's piece "JFK and the Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy" was published yesterday by, independent investigative journalism since 1995.

Two JFK reference links: |

Don't miss Friday's "Inside the Headlines" Special Edition on JFK. It's Part 1 of a two-part series, culminating in an entire PLANET ERSTWILD November 22nd dedicated to the 50 year anniversary of the president's murder in Dallas.

Historian, journalist, filmmaker JP Sottile, the Newsvandal. catches us up to snuff w/ his JFK Assassination Anniversary Primer. On Nov 25th, JP co-hosts with Lisa Derrick of La Figa, a FireDogLake Movie Night discussion featuring the great John Barbour about his documentary "The Garrison Tapes."