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James Moore and Michael Sternfeld chat with Chrysta Bell, David Lynch's muse, at 10pm CT on Will play some of her exquisite music as well. Tune in and turn on.

Chrysta Bell is performing at the Sondheim Center Sunday, June 19th for a benefit for the David Lynch Film Department. David Lynch is this year's keynote commencement speaker.

Madeline Horrigan 2PM: MSAE MICRA Class Project

James interviews two MSAE students about their songwriting class that led to a CD being produced by Tim Britton of 12 tracks. Madeline Horrigan and Vana Couri discuss the class, the MICRA recording project and their performance on record and on Saturday, Jiune 4th at 8pm at Cafe Paradiso.

The rest of the show will feature musical artists playing tonight's ArtWalk and FAIRfest like Steve and Michaela McLain with the Jefferson County Green Band (on the square 7pm-10pm) and Robert Reeder's Bad Billy & the Bonfire Boys (at the Arbor after party after Green Band).

Sit back and leave the dfriving to us.

3PM: The Des Moines Register's Rekha Basu is featured in an interview with Speaking Freely host Dennis Raimondi on talking about--you guessed it--the election.




Tom Morgan and George Foster join James Moore in mission control to play and talk about their blues duo Skunk River Medicine Show.

They perform at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday, May 28th at 8pm.


Show aies Friday 2:10pm and Saturday 11am

PLANET ERSTWILD on [Fridays 2-4pm; rebro Sun 11pm]

2pm | John Huff talks about his amazing Floating Beds and life.

2:30pm |  I speak with Adam Abraham on his latest thoughts and doings. Here's a little blurb of him reciting the poetry of Sun Ra, whom his father formed the Saturn record label with back in the day in Chicago. Apocalypso Tantric Noise ChoAdam Abrahamir backed him and performed in tribute to one of our supreme musical inspirations.

Here's Adam's blog link: Thought For Food > And his vortex generator product:

3pm | It's an in depth discussion on the state of medical cannabis in Iowa with four proponents: a doctor, a nurse, a veteran and a citizen advocate. Dr. Steven Jenison, Selly Van Winkle, Jon Custis and Kathy Schnell. Is it time to consider new alternatives to compassionate care, as 23 other states in the union have already done? Tuesday, March 22 at noon at the statehouse in Des Moines, Kathy says there will be a rally with speakers for those interested in pushing the equation forward for medical cannabis in Iowa.

MPaul Kantneran, It's a Jam-packed PLANET ERSTWILD

VEDA's new music releases "Montego" and "Aurora".

2:20pm: We'll air Mike Ragogna's interview with Paul Kantner, in honor of the passing of the founder of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.

Ben Terris2:45pm: It's Paul Krishnamurthy of, a professional gambler who plays the odds. The Manchester, England native is an interesting person with a fascinating story, whose predictions have been on the money, so to speak.

3pm: Jonathan Freeman, who's working on his doctorate in London and with the Pentagon as part of the reserves, talks with Dennis Raimondi about his life and political perspectives.

3:30pm: Dennis speaks with Ben Terris, national political writer for the Washington Post. His piece titled "The transcendental meditationists who turned an Iowa farm town into a Bernie base" appeared in today's Washington Post.


“In St. John Hunt's heartfelt memoir, DOROTHY, "An Amoral and Dangerous Woman": The Murder of E. Howard Hunt's Wife – Watergate's Darkest Secret, Dorothy and  E. Howard Hunt's son reveals startling and unknown details about the Watergate scandal. He answers many questions about his mother’s role as a co-conspirator, and tells how he, at eighteen, helped his father in the cover-up. DOROTHY is the tale of a mother and son reluctantly involved in a terrifying family business at the center of one of the most sordid chapters in twentieth century American history. DoOROTHY exposes dangerous truths – it was an act of courage to write it.”

--Mark Lane,  New York Times best-selling author of Rush to Judgment and Plausible Denial.

This wide-ranging interview covers a lot of ground  Fascinating time and people. 

Charles Lloyd w/ Gerald Clayton, Joe Sanders and Kendrick Scott

Charles Lloyd was born March 15, 1938 in Memphis, Tennessee. From an early age, he was immersed in that city's rich musical life and was exposed to jazz. He began playing the saxophone at the age of 9. Pianist Phineas Newborn became his mentor, and took him to Irvin Reason for lessons. Lloyd worked in Phineas Sr.’s band, and from the age of 12 worked as sideman in the blues bands of B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Johnnie Ace, Bobbie “Blue” Bland, and others. His closest friend in high-school was trumpeter, Booker Little.

In the intervening sixty years, Lloyd has become a true giant of the jazz world, playing with Billy Higgins, Don Cherry, Bobby Hutcherson, Chico Hamilton, Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette and many more.

"Bring two pairs of dancing shoes to FAIRfest cuz you're gonna wear one pair out!"

 Grammy Award winning vocalist Nawlins' favorite son Cyril Neville has been called a philosopher, poet, and one of the last great southern soul singers. His prolific career spans work with the Meters the Neville Brothers, and now the Royal Southern Brotherhood who have a NEW RECORD JUST OUT with Ruf Records recording group. Their third studio album is called “Don’t Look Back: The Muscle Shoals Sessions”. The album was recorded at the legendary FAME Studio in Muscle Shoals and produced by Grammy award winning producer, Tom Hambridge, along with some new talent has created RSB’s best studio effort to date.


Chuck Offenburger & Andy Hallman

First up, at 2:10pm, James speaks with Fairfield Ledger News Editor Andy Hallman about his work at one of the oldest establishments in the area and personal trajectory arriving at the News Desk in Fairfield back in January 2013.

His love of language and people informs all that he does. If you've ever thought about writing a 'Letter to the Editor', here's a chance to learn how to do it and who receives it.

At 3pm, Chuck Offenburger talks about his many years as a storied columnist for the Des Moines Register and current work as a semi-retired storyteller living on a farm in Cooper, Iowa he rehabbed with his wife Carla. She and Chuck work on their own website launched back in 2001 sharing stories and pictures that highlight Iowa. He discusses his life, one of Fairfield's grandest characters Lee Gobble who recently passed away, the state of the state of Iowa, the state of journalism, and much more.

THREE incredible interviews today on PLANET ERSTWILD.





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