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Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys


Texican Tex-Mex played as real as it gets a la Los Lonely Boys. Mike Ragogna talks with Henry Garza about this remarkable Grammy award-winning band.

June 29th Los Lonely Boys play Kansas City with Los Lobos and Alejandro Escobar. Update: Henry is recovering from a fall after a gig in California. The band cancelled some March shows.

KT Tunstall

Irish chanteuse-abilly Imelda May

A little wowsville in nowsville from your friendly grassroots neighborhood community radio station.

It's the amazing Imelda May--did you see her in the Jeff Beck tribute show to Les Paul? Wowie zowie, a total roofraiser!

Plus KT Tunstall talking music and more with Fairfield's fairest Huffington Poster, the one and only Mike Ragogna, the man who's talked to more stars than Galileo.

Did you know musician ThoThomas Dolby -- Click on pic to see an amazing video of the Toadlickers!!mas Dolby was musical director of the world famous TED Talk enclave? Yes, that's right. The man behind the monster hit, "She Blinded Me with Science" is a tech advocate who championed wind power--and celebrated it in song--back in the early 80s!! How's that for ahead of the curve?

Celebrated KRUU host Mike Ragogna talks with Thomas about his sustainable ways, including recording on a solar-powered boat, and more. And plenty of music as well.

Click on pic for Dolby's down home toadlicking slick music flick.

Mo' sweet stuff from magic Mike. LIsten up & get down with Johnny & Xavier.

Goo GoosXavier

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Allan Clarke & Graham Nash of the Hollies

Mike Ragogna talks with Allan Clarke & Graham Nash about the Hollies & much more.

Graham Nash & Allan Clarke of the Hollies

Ben Folds


Check out the latest from Ben Folds.


Yes, it's well worth the check.




Mac Gayden

Mac Gayden's "Everlasting Love" affair with the music business is discussed with KRUU's extraordinary radio personality Mike Ragogna.

Even for those in our area who know Mac, who has played Fairfield a few times, this conversation covers a lot of fascinating ground.

Tune in and turn on. It's another Mike Ragogna 2.0. Special encore presentation. Oh my.

Hey, Morning Glory, heading down freedom road.



Jim Musselman talks with Huffpo entertainment contributor and super KRUU radio personality Mike Ragogna about the record company he founded and his work with artists such as Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen, Emmy Lou Harris, Tom Morello, Jackson Browne, and many others.

Talk about American songbook.

Sit back and enjoy more manna from Mike's heavenly consorts with the starry ones on solar-powered KRUU-FM, the little station that can... and does!!

Enjoy a special rebroadcast from KRUU's golden interview series with the stars brought to you by cultural creative, radio personality and Huff Post entertainment contributor Mike Ragogna.

Enjoy the conversation and music of the Indigo Girls' Amy Ray and Emily Sailers, talking about their live collection of music from 2010. Their newest record BEAUTY QUEEN SISTER was released in October 2011.

Second hour is Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo discussing the band's latest release SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY. The Ohio native has had a long career scoring Wes Anderson's films as well.