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Joy Ike Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 12/13

Joy IkeI can't remember how it feels
to live a day all by myself
and never really worry
about someone else
~ Time, Joy Ike

Pittsburgh singer-songwriter Joy Ike lives by the motto, "It won't be easy, but it will be worth it."  Making the transition to full-time musician was not an easy decision, but not only has she blossomed as an artist, she even takes the time to pass on her lessons learned in an advice blog for other indie creative types.  Whether you're a music maker or appreciator, her rich voice and intelligent, bubbly piano-pop sensibilities will win your ears over in no time.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am Central for your weekly concentrated dose of music by female singer-songwriters! Interview with Joy Ike at 9:30.

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Erin Hill & Her Psychedelic Harp Interview on Lyrical Venus! Tues 8/30

Erin Hill & Her Psychedelic HarpBacon in skillet
Lemonade in a glass
Here's something boys 
You won't learn in class
~ Giant Mushrooms, Erin Hill & Her Psychadelic Harp

The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Erin Hill is currently focusing her formidable skills on an ambitious new project - a sci-fi video album.  Much like a collection of short stories, Erin describes the ten songs on her upcoming album Girl Inventor to be little 4 minute episodes in a Twilight Zone flavored series.  The 
psychedelic harp-driven tunes run the gamut from dreamy to rocking, all topped with Erin's etherial vocals and are also waiting to be realized in video form.  The first video for the track Giant Mushrooms is already making a splash online.

Beaucoup ShaktiCome down from the tree
Come down from the mountaintop
Your high horse can run free
If you come down
~ Come Down From the Tree, Beaucoup Shakti

Lyrical Venus favorites Beaucoup Shakti are performing in a full show in Fairfield on Saturday, and in honor of the occasion, we'll be playing an extended set of songs from their latest CD, How Spirit Sings.  Also on the playlist for this week's full-music show is some brand new Susan Gibson, Gayla Drake Paul, Lelia Broussard and more!

Tune in from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by women!

JohnsmithHey folks.  Today on Gravel Road Radio, I have the honor and privilege to interview singer-songwriter and traveling troubador, Johnsmith, winner of the New Folk Competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival.  John will be performing at a house concert in Fairfield on Saturday, June 26.  We'll talk about his sixth release, Gravity of Grace, life on the road, and the art and craft of songwriting.  Join me, your host Lauryn Shapter for Gravel Road Radio Tuesday, from 2-4 for some great roots & Americana, country, bluegrass, and beyond ... and a conversation with Johnsmith.