OK, if you look back at my blog for May 6 you will notice that I had a show scheduled that never aired.

graceI am trying again Thursday. The leadoff hitter is Steve Miller Band with their song 'Your Saving Grace'. I am also playing a song that got cut from my Hot Tub music show due to time: 'Stoned Soul Picnic' by The Fifth Dimension. Yo La Tengo, who just played at the 80/35 fest in Des Moines, will contribute 'The Room Got Heavy'. I have some Beatles, the obligatory Green Pajamas, and a real nice Neil Young song 'The Old Laughing Lady'. All a part of that great centering experience you get when you let the G Man pick the tunes.....Thursday 2-4 on your sound companion.... :)

Ever wonder what it would be like to be at a Grateful Dead concert? This show won't help you with that experience, but it will give you the aural component of it. Which is about one-fifth of the real deal....



Thanks to Dr. David Hartman Turner (Turnerman) I have some really excellent live material that captures the essence of the band. I also have some of my favorite songs, like New Speedway Boogie, Row Jimmy, Box of Rain, and Deal. Oh yes, and one ringer song by Mighty Baby, who are sounding quite 'dead' on this interesting cut.

Enjoy! The G Man

The next installment of the show is a very guilty pleasure for me: I am playing two hours of songs that I am trying to learn how to play on the guitar. I am at various stages with all of them. Some are proving to be harder to figure out than others. I will be out of state in a motel room playing along with the show, enjoying every minute of it. You will too. I have Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Rivers, The Rolling Stones, The Warlocks, The Out Crowd, Neil Young, well, the list hopefully will be online at the start of the show. Just lots and lots of well-crafted, tasty lead lines and killer rhythm parts. Join me 2-4 Thursday.....The G Man

in threesGood things come in threes.... like part three of my three part show. Rolling along on the rock and roll highway of life, over the same stretch of ground we have been covering the past two weeks. If you take a close look at the playlists, you will notice one thing: I have played the same bands in the same order each time. With spectacularly different results. This part coming up sounds way different than the last two, which is very interesting to me, and hopefully, you too. Highlights include She Swings, She Sways doing an original song called Search Engine. They will be opening for the Nadas May 29 right here in Fairfield, IA, USA. Uriah Heep with a 13 minute opus called Paradise/The Spell. And, Katie's gone, by the Green Pajamas, from their Box of Secrets release. May has just flown by, hasn't it? In Iowa, it does not get any better than this time of year. The bearded iris are blooming, and their sweet fragrance drifts away from the plant and entices any passerby to reverie. All the fresh green on the new leaves.