Sixteen songs that all sound like they belong coming out of a small transistor radio in the middle of the night.

I am particularly happy to be playing new music to me from Bruce Palmer, from his only solo release, and The Incredible String Band, from 'The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter'. --Cool Breeze


Wanna get right down to the bottom line for murrsic? Wanna enter through the level of zeroes and ones to the gritty base of rock's being? Then have I got a show for you. Eleven minutes of the Jefferson Airplane live doing 'Feel So Good'. Ten minutes of Cream doing 'N.S.U.'. Seventeen minutes of the Iron Butterfly doing the epic 'In A Gadda da Vida' (pictured- original album cover!) Thirteen minutes of The Allman Brothers Band doing 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed'. Twenty five live minutes with The Grateful Dead having S P A C E. And not to be outdone, twenty minutes of Canned Heat doing 'Boogie Music'. Some live Stevie Winwood from Madison Square Garden, and more to come in future shows from that smokin' set. Get here for the first eight minutes..... Cool Breeze


" Lets go out walking, it's a shining and amazing time, my love..." So sayeth the bard that opens an all request show Thursday at 2 PM. Folks far and wide have written in and asked for songs to be played, and I am just the man for the job. This show is certain to be 'all killer, no filler'. I have Dr. John from the 1950's! He must have been a child prodigy. Alexi Murdoch brings 'Breathe', a solid example of tunesmithing, and quite relevant for todays mad, mad world. Also Lowell George, from his solo release. Brand X is my wild ride for the day. I have a song off of an old 45 rpm record someone gave me by a band called The Confederacy. If you know anything about this band, let me know, please. Stick around for songs by Eric Clapton, Alan Parsons, Fats Domino, and Bernard Herrmann. " Words are coming that have no meaning, never mind, and it's fine my love..." Ah, well, yes, I guess present company included.... The G Man


If you are awake, or even half-awake, Satuday morning at 2 AM, then listen to this show. I don't know what else to tell you.... I am continuing to provide new material in this time slot. The first song every week is the last song from last week's show, so you do not lose your place. I hide everything I am doing with the music in plain sight, just like a prism does. I play songs that I might not play during the day, for two reasons; They tend to be longer in duration, mostly, and songs that sound good late at night, to me, sometimes do not groove in the day. I have Can, Wire, Test Dept., John cage, Jimi Hendrix, The United States of America, and Swervedriver, among others. You will hear a song you are unfamiliar with...The G Man


You know that sound, the kind of thing that grabs you when you least expect it, tugs at you, calls your name. Then maybe you realize you have been hearing it for some time, and just now focused your attention enough to cognize it. Smooth out the creases in you day with the likes of the opening track 'For The Turnstiles' by Neil Young. Next up: Happy & Artie Traum, from an album I spent years trying to acquire, with a song full of plaintive harp. I have The Lovin' Spoonful, and I have Van Morrison. The Grateful Dead from American Beauty. Plus Bert Jansch, It's A Beautiful Day, The Eels, and Calexico. Actually 13 other artists to boot. Listen this week- contribute next week. If you have a song you want to hear March 31, email centripetalsounds@gmail.com. The G Man

  • Thu
    Mar 17
    2:00 pm -
    5:00 pm

Burn, Burn, Burn

like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww". Well, I am 'On The Road' like Jack Kerouac so I borrowed his line. That is an apt description of my show Thursday at 2. I am cueing up 'Days of Future Passed' by The Moody Blues and playing it in it's entirety. In between every wonderful song on that disc, songs by other bands in the same color burst..... I will interject bands like Pacific Drift, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Bee Gees, Captain Beyond, and The Electric Prunes. Enjoy an aural starburst courtesy of The G Man.


Three albums in their entirety this Saturday morn at 2 AM. First, Cosmogram, by the band Flying Lotus. a 2010 release in the electronica genre.

Second up, the new release by Buke And Gass, called Riposte. This is a strange set of very alternative songs.

Last, and not least: the self-titled first release by Captain Beyond. One of my three favorite albums of all time! Yay! Progressive rock at it's very finest.           Cool breeze.                                     

Here is me taking a picture of a picture drawn on the window of a truck parked outside a wedding celebration. Someone had the notion that love might be challenged by the conventions of man. Hmm, yeah, and two hours of a single show will not begin to cover all the songs written about that, toot suite... Nevertheless, I have gleaned some excellent tunes from a variety of unnamed sources, including my 48 cent special album of the week by The Flatlanders. I have a mini-set of three songs in hour two by The Young Rascals, from 'Groovin''. Al Wilson had a hit with 'Show and Tell' , Chicago with 'Just You N' Me', and The Monkees with 'I'm A Believer'. I have Frank Sinatra, Country Joe McDonald, Oasis, The Beach Boys, and The Moody Blues. This is one show that you can tune in to any time during the two hours and not miss a thing.... The G Man

Yes, tomorrow morning marks the next month of new music in the 2-4 AM time slot. At least until April 2nd, we have shows lined out until that morning. As usual, I am starting out tonights show with last weeks closer: 'Denver Harbor' by Charalambrides. Haunting music by that duo. Perfect for that late night feel.

Also, there is a Des Moines band called The Autumn Project, and we will hear from their This We Take With Us release. I actually obtained a copy of this from the public library- go figure! Boy, I have Simply Red, Blue Sky Black Death, and Alphastone for the vamp crowd. Lots of other goodies, check the playlist out after midnight on the left panel.

Cool Breeze

c soundslovers, water brothers, ...for groking the latest show Thursday afternoon at 2 PM. I have 14 songs that highlight female vocalists, everyone from Grace Slick to Etta James. Maybe Siouxsie is somewhere in between.

I have some Rare Bird, MacDonald and Giles, and John Starling, people you may have missed until now. I am bringing one of my favorite John Hartford songs, and my favorite Jackie Lomax song...and in time, maybe others, like, Triad, if you catch my drift... breakin' all the rules so you don't have to, its

The G Man.