garage salesYes, it is that time again on Centripetal Sounds. I frequent used record stores, swap meets, pawn shops, garage sales, and websites to find the best in rock and roll. Some of these things are admittedly obscure, and I do get lucky sometimes because I will buy an old album just for it's cover or gatefold. Art for Art's sake, you know? Approximately 25 songs that span a long period of time. I have some early eighties music from Peter Case. I have brand new releases from Fourth Floor Orange, Otis Taylor, Sigourney Reverb, and William Elliot Whitmore. In between you will hear some fine music from The Records, That Petrol Emotion, Org Lounge, Windy & Carl, and Miss Bliss. I have one cut from an album produced by a radio station in Muscatine by Jim Schwall. Plus a CD I bought for one penny that has the coolest song ever on it. How can you ree zeeeeeest? The G Man

blu mtnAh, yes, the band Blue Mountain. I got a hold of their initial release back in 1993, a raw dog record that has a ton of energy and sounds like someone should have wrote those songs before. Over the next 15 years they would record off and on, always with brilliant results. It is amreicana, folk, and blues, I guess, and Cary Hudson , the lead singer/guitarist is just a wonderful songwriter. His wife is Laurie Stirrat, she plays bass, and plays around with her twin bro John, of Uncle Tupelo/Wilco fame. Laurie is also a member of Healthy White Baby, a band I play with alarming frequency on my shows. When a band has roots in Sumrall, Mississippi, you can imagine that the music has a little steam, a little sweat, and a few creepy crawly things running around just outside your gaze. You can look for that and more Thursday at 2 PM. The G Man

Well, I have a grand total of six songs for the entire show tomorrow morning. That is because one, they are all fairly long, and two, one is over 45 minutes. That would be Jerusalem, by the band Sleep. An epic song, very heavy, continuing the vein we are mining over the past few weeks. You can also enjoy Cream doing Sweet Wine from Live, Vol. 1. I've got Hendrix, The Posies, Fleetwood Mac, and Chicago all playing extended jams. The Fleetwood Mac came from a CD I found at the local library. Hendrix is from Electric Ladyland, my fave, the one album my 'rents bought me, much to their chagrin. I really do not like much else the Posies did, but oh, this song...... Cool Breeze

guildThe album cover. Kendra Smith. Inspiration. Yes, it is true that the optical illusion that is the album cover 'moves' for you when you change your angle of view. You gotta love that, right? Well, the music is classic in the centripetal sense of the word... AND, not even in today's show! I tell you at this late date that due to technical difficulties beyond my control, this show is postponed. Instead, you will hear Ant-Bee from an album called Pure Electric Honey. Also in store, King Crimson, Brian Eno, Kaleidoscope, John Fahey, The Electric Prunes, and a bunch of other fine bands. This music is likely to cause bliss in the listener...The G Man

crewAh, a picture of my favorite radio station on the planet! Emanating from this very spot, Thursday 2-4 PM, is a show dedicated to distant fantasy, personal reflection, and music succeeding on its own terms. Like Eden's Children, my spotlight band of the day.I am playing side one of their 'Sure Looks Real' album from 1969, all fifteen minutes of it, as a five song mini set. I have The Beach Boys singing about an exciting woman. I have Nillsson singing about travelling. I have Badly Drawn Boy singing about how easy it is find something beautiful in everything you see. I have Steve Miller dreaming about a world that always welcomes you with open arms. I have The Eagles living life from solid ground. Simon & Garfunkel in an homage to the world's greatest architect. Not to mention Julian Cope, who is not a happy man, so as close as I can get to warm with him is 'a man of importance'.

rrI actually created this show at the very same time the last show was created. I was blasting through that early nineties space rock and decided to kick it up a notch. So what you get as an extension is Blue Oyster Cult from the album 'Tyranny & Mutation'. Then, along with some hilarious sound effects and tiny tunes I head off into Cracker live, The Cult, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath land. Side Two has Deep Purple live, Roy Buchanan, The Lemon Pipers and The Outlaws, all with some long guitar vamps, and my highlight piece: 'Passing Words' by Magic Hour from their (awesomely titled) release WILL THEY TURN YOU ON OR WILL THEY TURN ON YOU. Two hours of the Rainbow Rider will leave you with one thought, and one thought only: It's a chemical experience.  Cool Breeze

rrDallas Taylor was a member of bands like Manassas, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash. He ended up in a band called Red Temple Spirits, which made a couple of very fine albums back in 1988/89. I am highlighting the one called Dancing To Restore An Eclipsed Moon. Hard to get ahold of at any price, since it is on a Dutch label. Originally a two-disc set, it clocks in at about 64 minutes, which is easily just one CD today. But quality trumps quantity any day of the week. They cover a Pink Floyd song on each album. I compare them favorably to The Cure and   Bauhaus. Anyway, that, and my own Pink Floyd song Echoes take center stage. I am starting off the show with the last song from last week, like I always do, Jevetta Steele from the Baghdad Cafe soundtrack, 'Calling You'. That's me, calling you to listen. Cool Breeze

crowdWell, I am picking up right where I left off last week, and you can see everyone is excited about that... We are going to be singing along in studio, and you can all join in at home. Hour one contains a six song mini-set by Creedence Clearwater Revival. All those singles on the radio from yesteryear like Proud Mary, Green River, and Bad Moon Rising. Hour Two I have a six song mini-set by The Beatles. Same deal, same great songs to sing along with like Love Me Do, This Boy, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. In addition, I have The Monkees, The Fleetwoods, Johnny Rivers, The Platters, Steepenwolf, Sly & The Family Stone, The Turtles, and The Mamas and The Papas. Of course, that's not all.Thirty four gems all told, and not all of them you will recognize, but you will be able to get into them by the time the second chorus comes around. You'll be all thumbs up, too. The G Man

rrIn the 2 O'Clock hour of tomorrow morning's show I have three of my favorite songs in a row: 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' by Tommy James & The Shondells, 'Waited' by Soulhat, and 'Orange Peel' by The Sopwith Camel. They all sort of just float along and pretty soon you'll be floating, too...I mixed it up pretty good for this show. Hour One also has Paul Winter and It's A Beautiful Day. Hour Two leads off with The Slats, of all people, followed by The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Mazzy Star, and Loggins & Messina. The lyrical favorite of the morning: 'Headin' Down Into The Mystery Below' by John Hartford. " I wonder why the time goes by so fast, when the trip is slow, Headin' down out of the mystery above, headin' down into the mystery below...."  See the playlist on the left panel at midnight. No repeat of this version of Centripetal Sounds, get it while you can. Cool Breeze


Stuck In My Head"It was illusion and substantiality, beauty and a sense of home- it was, The G Man suspected, all things to all men, and what you wished to make it. A place of utter magic that divorced one from the world and the crudities of the world, with a gaiety that was not brittle and a sentimentality that stopped short of being cheap, and that transmitted a sense of well-being and of self-importance from the very fact of being a part of such a place."

Part of the magic that is the newest version of Centripetal Sounds is the audacious nature of the songwriting in this set. These people were thinking out-of-the-box. They were creating landscapes of the heart out of thin air. They were dissecting the experience of day-to-day living and not bothering to make sense of the reassembled parts. All the answers to life's simple mysteries, in context, Thursday from 2-4 PM, with a replay next Wednesday morning at 2 AM. The G Man