All Things Italian

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Summer PastaAll Things Italian Street FestivalSaturday, June 18 Fairfield turns red, green and white as we celebrate the best of Italia during the All Things Italian Street Festival.  On Great Taste we honor the food heritage of Italy with a little in-studio cooking done by our resident Sicilian, Kathy DuBois.  Also, we'll tell you about the pastas we'll be making at the At Home Store on Saturday afternoon.  Dick Deangelis, the godfather of the affair, will drop by to fill us in on all the festival details including the dishes that will be available on the piazza.

Micro-brews are continuing to expand their niche in the beer end of beverages.  We have an interesting micro-brewery almost on our doorstep-Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville.  With luck we'll talk to the brewmaster (if his son's little league team loses on Tuesday we're on for sure, if they win there is another game on Wednesday so we have to hope his mobile signal works from the ballpark) and get the crazy story of how with a little smoke and mirrors the company was created and is putting out some delicious brews.

Pasta with Basilpreparing pasta sauceFriday, June 4 is the annual "All Things Italian" Art Walk.  It's always one of the major events of the year in the Fairfield Town Square.  Dick DeAngelis, il capo, will fill us in on all the terrific events set to take place that evening, and we'll focus on the FOOD.