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Tuesday night was the monthly LIVE GREAT TASTE show at Green Building Supply. Thinking back over the more than ten years the show has been on the air; it was the first time I have ever hosted and cooked for the entire 60 minutes.  CLICK READ MORE!

The Great Taste Split Show Blog

LIVE AT HY-VEE IN THE CLUB ROOM AT 7:00 PM CT-Join the Indian Hills Culinary Crew for gluten-free pastaPiemontese pasta with two easy-to-make fresh sauces, and Jeffrey Elliot, author of the Zwilling J. A. Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills:  The Essential Guide to Use, Techniques and Care gives us an introduction to the topic via Skype.  Watch a great video of Jeffrey here.

ON-THE-AIR AT 7:00 PM CT- is our discussion with James Beard award-winning author, Alan Tardi.  Alan talks with us about closing Follonico, his restaurant in New York City, moving to the region of Piemonte in Italy, and what it was like adjusting to a different culture.

Alan's Italian heritage and love of wine serve as entry points into his new life, and he has recounted the events of the first few years in his book, Romancing the Vine-Life, Love, and Transformation in the Vineyards of Barolo.  Now that he's spent a decade living in Piemonte, his reflections on both the viticulture and human culture make for a fascinating hour.   Check out some of Alan's articles on food, including his latest piece, Out on Lost Lagoon, here.

Pasta with Basilpreparing pasta sauceFriday, June 4 is the annual "All Things Italian" Art Walk.  It's always one of the major events of the year in the Fairfield Town Square.  Dick DeAngelis, il capo, will fill us in on all the terrific events set to take place that evening, and we'll focus on the FOOD. 

Pasta with GreensGREAT TASTE presents four courses of Italian delights in a live broadcast from the At Home Store.  The show features one hour of a cooking class sponsored by SOFIA-the Society of Fairfield Italian Americans.

Here's a rundown of the menu:

Antipasto-Herbed fresh cheese balls in a roasted tomato sauce

Primo-Pasta with chard, kale, and beet greens

Insalata-Raw kale and braised beets with toasted pecans and orange segments

Dolce-Parmigiano Reggiano "gelato" with aged balsamic vinegar, apple slices, and toasted nuts

We may add a dish or two as the show goes along.  Catch us on the live stream if you aren't local by clicking in the "Playing On Air Now" box at the top left of the KRUU home page.