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Time for Accountability

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Generation whY is joined a third time by Nomiki Konst. Andrew and Nomiki will discuss Nomiki's new project, The Accountability Project

The Accountability Project is an organization focused on investigating misconduct in politics and the private sector and holding leaders accountable for their egregious actions. They believe that politicians and CEOs have a duty to act ethically. The  Accountability Project advances its mission using a combination of whistle blowing, investigative research and public awareness campaigns to hold public leaders accountable. America cannot wait for a story to break or a crisis to form for people to become aware of the intolerable behavior by leaders who are making decisions on behalf of the public. The Accountability Project dedicates its resources to informing the public of these bad actors before the crisis hits or story breaks at politically convenient times. Everyone should believe that the fewer bad actors in leadership positions, the healthier the political and business culture become - allowing qualified, ethical leaders to rise up.

Nomiki Konst is a former 2012 Congressional candidate for Arizona's second district. She's an advocate for Government 2.0, civil discourse, millennial politics and equal representation. She is the founder and former Executive Director of Alliance Hollywood, an organization dedicated to training members of the entertainment industry on how to speak civilly about politics. She also helps organizations and companies bridge the divide between Millennials and Baby Boomers and regularly speaks about the new economy being forged by Millennials. Nomiki is active in youth politics as an At-Large member of the DNC Youth Council, former national co-chair of Gen44, New Leaders Council, Running Start and Junior Statesmen. She is also a Partner with the Truman National Security Project.

KRUU FM's Andrew Tint sits down with Jonathan Narcisse (D), Democratic nominee for Governor of Iowa. Mr. Narcisse made his announcement to enter the race in Cedar Rapids, and is now touring the state, which included a stop at KRUU FM. 

Listen to Mr. Narcisse talk about the problems inflicting Iowa today - including the need for education reform, new tax laws, and fighting poverty. 

Before putting his hat in the political ring, Mr. Narcisse served on the Des Moines School Board.

Instituto Mises Ecuador

La Nueva Hora Latina y su afitrion Gilberto Rodriguez los invita a escuchar la entrevista a Nelson Paz y Miño, editor del Instituto Mises de Ecuador, donde hablaremos sobre el instituto, los mercados, economia, y otros temas. Tambien comentaremos acerda de la situacion economica de Ecuador y las consecuencias de las politicas economicas del gobierno.

There will be a transcript in English as well for those interested.

Robyn ObrienWriters’ Voices welcomes Robyn O'Brien, who is being called "The Erin Brockovich of Food". A conservative Texan with an MBA, Robyn used to roll her eyes when finicky parents talked about their children's food allergies and special diets. When her own children started having severe allergy problems, she was catapulted into a research project that changed her life. In her book, The Unhealthy Truth, she lets us in on the secrets of GMO foods, the revolving door between the FDA and the food industry, and much more.