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Gadadhara Pandi Das currently serves as a lecturer and the first ever Hindu Chaplain of Columbia University, New York University, and the Union Theological Seminary. American Veda author, Phil Goldberg, will be co-hosting the show with me. 



Reka Basu is a columnist for the Des Moines Register.  She comments on a range of local, national, and international issues with a focus on human rights, racial justice and gender equality.

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The Life of a Millennial with Caleb Balaban and Caleb Flynn

Join host Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y. This week Andrew is joined by Caleb Balaban and Caleb Flynn to discuss what millennials are doing today.

Caleb Balaban, who hails from London, England, was Andrew Tint's original radio co-host on their extremely popular show, "Speech Impediment or Accent. Who Knows? Not Me." Caleb has recently gone through the horrid process of trying to find a job in this economy. Find out what it's been like to try and find empolyment from the mouth of a millennial.

KRUU founding board member Caleb Flynn, who recently returned from Nigeria, is Project Hello World'engineer. Working for the past 10 years as an IT consultant Caleb manages physical and online resources for corporate and community organizations including Civic Commons, KRUU-FM, Bonnell Building Project, Walker Group, Pico Youth Center and The Beatbox.



Project Hello World is providing underprivileged children and adults in Africa with access to the opportunities that the Internet provides. Their computer terminals, or ‘Hello Hubs’, allow them to educate themselves, to communicate with others and to be part of the global online community.

Marisa Handler Loyal to the SkyMarisa Handler, author of Loyal to the Sky: Notes from an Activist is our guest on Writers' Voices this week. Chamaigne Montana and Caroline Kilbourn will ask Marisa to tell about her fascinating journey from apartheid South Africa, to the U.S., to Israel, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru.  Not surprisingly, Marisa became deeply interested in social justice work during her travels, and this memoir takes a look at the social justice movement.  It's a riveting and educational read, that has received high praise.  Please join us for what promises to be an intriguing interview.